Want know what makes the Renthal Fatbar36 so special? We give you the rundown on its features and benefits so you can impress your mates with words like Zarilium

You may not have given too much thought to the handlebars you run, but as the single most important point of contact on your bike, maybe they deserve a bit more consideration.

Making the right choice of bars will help fight fatigue and improve your on-bike setup – and in particular, make a huge difference to cornering. As we all know that’s where you make up time on a track.

And, if you go to the top of the mountain of handlebar choices on the market, you’ll find the Renthal Fatbar36.

Made from a unique recipe cooked up in Renthal’s R-Works Lab where a mix of zinc, copper and magnesium come together to form a new alloy called Zarilium.

The Fatbar36 represents the peak in strength, fatigue resistance through better ergonomics and reduced vibration, but perhaps most importantly – weight reduction. Which is particularly significant because this is weight that sits up high on the bike. In fact, these bars will save you about the same amount of weight that $3000 worth of titanium fixtures will get you.

Renthal is the choice for guys like Ken Roczen, Eli Tomac, Adam Cianciarulo and of course here in Australia the mighty CDR Yamaha Team. And in fact, the Fatbar36 comes in a Chad Reed bend which gives them more of an Aussie connection.

Shave the weight – shave fractions of a second off your lap times and grab life by the bars with the Renthal Fatbar36.

You can find out more by visiting https://www.renthal.com/moto/handlebars/fatbar36