Dirt Action is wired to always evolve. We aren’t just fist pumping
long-past glories over and again. Like you, we have a history, but
like your business or brand we are for the now and tomorrow.


It all started with Dirt Action magazine, today one of the
most trusted and renown media brands in Australian
action sports.

In a modern market Dirt Action attracts a highly
passionate and engaged reader, each edition designed
to excite, entertain and enlighten through in-depth
articles and world class photography. Dirt Action
is the only magazine in its category to quantify its
readership by leading industry audit bureau EMMA.


Whilst the magazine attracts passionate paying readers,
Dirt Action continues to expand its media footprint
through market-leading digital properties and highly
engaged social media communities. Whether it’s the
latest bike test video, product reviews or cheeky humour,
DA is on the leading edge. Dirt Action deploys content
across multiple channels and can provide marketers
with unrivalled reach

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