PR: Cachia Fights to Top Five Finish in Western Australian MX Nationals Round


JDR/KTM Factory Racing’s Josh Cachia finished a fighting fifth position in Wanneroo’s fourth round of the MX2 MX Nationals, Australian Motocross Championship, on Sunday, 13 May.

Josh Cachia finished in fifth place for the Wanneroo MX Nationals round. Image: Adam Riemann

In the series’ first visit to WA since 2009, Cachia raced to fifth overall to maintain the same place in the championship standings on the team’s lone 250 SX-F for the round, despite suffering from appendix concerns on race day.

The Victorian fought his way to fourth in moto one after leading early on in the race, then he raced to sixth in moto two and an admirable eighth in the final outing before being transported to hospital for observations.

Cachia’s team-mate Ryan Marmont was forced out of Wanneroo after undergoing hand surgery earlier this week, while Brenden Harrison continues to recover from pre-season surgery on his leg.

JDR/KTM Factory Racing contender Dan Reardon suffered a frustrating day in WA, finishing 18th overall after a spate of bad luck hampered his performance on the KTM 450 SX-F in the premier MX1 ranks.

Reardon crashed in moto one and finished 18th, before a heavier crash in moto two saw him suffer a concussion. He circulated to 12th, however was later ruled out of the final moto of the round. Reardon now sits 10th in the championship standings.

When I crashed in moto two it kind of felt like I had hurt my neck because my head seemed really heavy, but then when I saw the RACESAFE medical guys it looked more like I was concussed,” Reardon explained.

“I tried to race the final moto just to get some points, but it wasn’t to be and it was a tough way to finish the weekend. I’ll keep working though and can hopefully have a much better weekend in South Australia.

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2012 MX Nationals, Australian Motocross Championship
Round Four – Wanneroo, WA

MX1 Overall Results:
1. Josh Coppins 72
2. Lawson Bopping     57
3. Todd Waters 56
4. Brad Anderson 50
5. Cody Cooper 46
6. Tye Simmonds 45
7. Daniel McCoy 42
8. Jay Marmont 38
9. Mike Phillips 33
10. Gordon Crockard 32
18. Daniel Reardon     (JDR/KTM Factory Racing) 11

MX2 Overall Results:
1. Luke Styke 68
2. Cheyne Boyd 62
3. Adam Monea 55
4. Kade Mosig 54
5. Josh Cachia (JDR/KTM Factory Racing) 46
6. Lewis Woods 44
7. Ford Dale 42
8. Scott Columb 38
9. Luke Arbon 38
10. Kirk Gibbs 37

MX1 Championship Standings (after 4 of 10 rounds):
1. Josh Coppins 253
2. Brad Anderson 211
3. Todd Waters 208
4. Lawson Bopping     203
5. Cody Cooper 183
6. Tye Simmonds 178
7. Jay Marmont 177
8. Jake Moss 157
9. Daniel McCoy 125
10. Daniel Reardon (JDR/KTM Factory Racing) 107

MX2 Championship Standings (after 4 of 10 rounds):
1. Luke Styke 260
2. Ford Dale 221
3. Kirk Gibbs 199
4. Cheyne Boyd 198
5. Josh Cachia (JDR/KTM Factory Racing) 195
6. Kade Mosig 194
7. Adam Monea 190
8. Justin McDonald 143
9. Lewis Woods 134
10. Errol Willis 131