Active8 Yamaha’s, Beau Ralston, will hit the AORC series this year on what will surely be the most talked about bike on any track. Given Beau can ride a two-stroke like a madman, team boss AJ Roberts decided not only to try putting the big guy on a dinger for 2017 but to take the whole idea up a few levels by building a YZ300. By using an Athena kit AJ took one of the truly great bikes of the modern era in the YZ250 and made it into something the average trailrider would drool over and, if Yamaha is listening, put a headlight on it and we will buy them. The full story behind the YZ build and Beau’s comeback from some pretty gnarly injuries will be in DIRT ACTION issue 213 so keep your eyes out for that and in the meantime check out some of the action from our exclusive shoot with Beau.

Pics – Ashenhurst


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