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Completely re-designed and re-engineered from the ground up, the Drift HD Ghost is the most advanced self-contained POV camera in its class. At its core is a new engine producing crystal clear 1080p HD video and brilliant 11MP still photos. The new larger 2’’ LCD screen covered in Gorilla Glass makes sharing your vision even easier with an updated user interface and exceptional new features like continuous loop style recording found in Video Tagging.

Built-in Wi-Fi connects your Drift HD Ghost to your iPhone or Android mobile phone with our free app (coming soon) giving you amazing control over your camera from 300ft away. Designed to have the fastest preview streaming on the market, combined with the ability to change all settings on your camera and review/download content directly to your mobile device makes this easily one of the most advanced POV mobile app’s ever.

The Drift HD Ghost comes standard with a rechargeable two-way remote control meaning users will never again ask if they are recording or not. The remote control allows mode changing between Video > Photo > Timelapse and Photoburst modes, while displaying recording status. One remote can control multiple cameras at the same time with ‘One To All’ mode.

>>Built in 2” Colour LCD Screen – Scratch proof / shot setup / instant playback
>>Intuitive Interface – Easy to use / easy to navigate / easy to setup
>>WiFi Enabled – Viewfinder / settings change / gallery playback
>>2-way Remote Control – Start-stop / change recording mode / LED status feedback]
>>3m Waterproof – But of box waterproofing]
>>New Engine – Much sharper 1080p, 960p, 720p, WVGA / 11MP stills]
>>Rotating Lens – 300 degree rotation for easy shot setup]
>>Durable Construction – Magnesium alloy lens housing + rear hatch / replaceable lens]
>>More Power – 3 hours recording / 1700mAh battery comes as standard]
>>More Features – Video tagging / multiple FOV / adjustable photoburst / simultaneous photo (PIV)



The intuitively placed LED lights on the remote instantly communicate the mode currently in use as well as recording status, eliminating the question action camera enthusiasts hate to utter, “Am I on?”
The remote also streamlines functionality by allowing users to change recording mode from 30 feet away and starting/stopping video recording, timelapse/photoburst sequences and taking still photos.
Users can also use the simultaneous photo and video tagging directly from the remote control. The Drift Active Status™ two-way remote can be set into ‘one to all’ mode enabling it to control any camera also set in ‘one to all’ mode within the 10m range of the remote control.


The Drift HD Ghost has a brand new and updated hardware platform combined with a sharp new lens arrangement housed in magnesium alloy capable of 11, 8 and 5MP still photos and crisp HD video resolutions of 1080p, 960p, 720p and WVGA. The 960p resolution is new to Drift and is shot in full screen (4:3) aspect ratio. The Drift HD Ghost has the ability to shoot adjustable photoburst sequences. An incredible tool to ensure the perfect picture never gets missed. Now Drift users can set their action camera to do photoburst with durations of 1, 2 and 5 seconds with a burst rate of 5 or 10 images a second.

At 1080p (25/30 FPS), 960p (25/30FPS), 720p (25/30 FPS) and WVGA (25/30 FPS) the camera is capable of capturing still photos while simultaneously recording HD footage. Great for capturing moments while on the go without missing a beat.



Package Contents

>>Drift HD Ghost
>>2-way Remote Control
>>Universal Clip
>>1700mAh Li-Ion Battery
>>Flat Surface Mount
>>Curved Surface Mount
>>Goggle Mount
>>Wrist Strap
>>Connector Hatch
>>USB Cable

RRP – $399.00



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