JDR Motorsports Announces it Will Close Down

JDR Motorsports Announces it Will Close Down

An open letter posted on JDR’s Facebook page..

JDR Motorsports would like to take this opportunity to thank its incredible staff, sponsors and loyal fans for their dedication, belief and encouragement over the past six years.

We have appreciated your support, and for this reason it is with much regret that we announce that JDR will close down at the end of the AMA Supercross season, if we cannot find additional funding.

We at JDR have always sought to set high standards for ourselves and have endeavored to live up to these standards, which is why we are announcing our closure early. We had full intentions of seeing the year out but with the costs of running a professional team we cannot continue the cost personally. We have worked tirelessly on gaining the support of the much needed sponsors but with the current economy this simply has not happened. We have never run our business to get ahead of others, but rather to get ahead of ourselves, to break our own records and to improve what we did yesterday with today.

JDR has achieved so much over such a short period of time including: 5 Australian titles, many race wins and podiums, a podium at the Motocross of Nations and a podium in the US.

We have created the Dream Ride Series which has set the bench mark for this type of filming and has been done on a small budget and with the help of our sponsors, making the series elaborate without being expensive.

Our staff has been JDR’s greatest asset and has been like extended members of our family. We would like to make particular mention to Nate Ramsay who has always been a gentlemen and an inspiration to our riders, our team and us. To Vince Berinii who has dedicated his professional and personal life to make our bikes way beyond what we could have ever expected. We would like to thank Rene, Justin, Richard and Tony for their tireless work on spinning the spanners day and night.

To Ash Simpson who has worked with us from the beginning with our marketing and Jason McAlpine who helped Dream Ride rise from a thought to a reality.

Thank you Dirk for not only driving our truck on those long road journeys but for being one of the most passionate lovers of the sport.

A big thanks goes out to all our riders over the past six years, thank you for risking your lives with every ride, thank you for the wins and the loses and still holding your heads high.

JDR has been a family run team, who had a dream to succeed in one of the greatest sports and even though this part of the dream is ending we feel with the people we have come to know and the loyalty of sponsors and fans it has been a definite success. It has been an awesome journey and we are grateful to you all.

There are many people who we would like to thank but wouldn’t have enough space to fit them all in. Some of those that we would like to mention are: Andrew ‘Sharky’ McFarlane, who believed in our dream from our inception and was one of the driving forces behind our vision. Andrew may not be with us today in person but in spirit we honor his memory. We take this opportunity to thank Ron McFarlane who stayed with us and continued to believe in the dream. Ron and Norma you are both inspirations and we thank you. To Natalie and Tayla who are Andrews’s beautiful wife and daughter, we know that Andrew would be so proud of you both.

Brian Rhodin, Ricky and Tina Osbaldiston, Troy Newell, Shirley and Lance Law, we thank you for all the behind the scenes unsung work you did week in and week out.

A really big shout out to Danny Apro, whose professionalism at all times was well appreciated.

Jeff Leiske KTM Australia, John Eric KTM USA, Pit Beirer and Robert Jonas KTM Austria. Phil Osborne (Transmoto) Jared Merrel (JStar ) Tom & Matt (Skull Candy)

Big Don and Little Don (FMF) Serge (WP) Fab and Brent (Arnette) Dave (Answer)

Brian and Nate (D C Shoes) Bernie & Joel (C & R Imports) Johnny ( Lusty)

Link International, Monza Imports, Titman Racing,

Adam Leighton (Power Tool Heads) Brian Rhodin (MXR&D)


Of course our Current Sponsors:

J-Star Motors, KTM, DC, Skullcandy, Answer, Arnette, FMF

WP, Dunlop, Motorex, Braking, Sunstar, Pro Taper, Bell

Alpinestars, Enjoy, RK Chains, Excel, Hinson, DT1 Airfilters