Gear Review: StegPegz



I’m amazed that StegPegz aren’t better known. I get asked what they are fairly often but they’re something I’ll never ride without if I can help it. Basically, StegPegz allow you to push against a fixed point just up and back from your footpegs, pretty much around the top of your boot, which in turn takes pressure off your arms and makes it a heap easier to control your bike while saving energy. I’m yet to find a downside to these things.

On the recommendation of Glenn Kearney and Ben Grabham, I’ve run a set for 12 months on our project WR450F and before that on our Husaberg FE390.  They don’t really wear — I’ve never replaced a rubber — and they haven’t ever been damaged in one of my many crashes. As well, they don’t get in the way to any great degree when it comes time for maintenance.

This is one Aussie product that deserves recognition. Give StegPegz a go and I guarantee all but a handful of you will find riding without them gets weird after a while. — Damien Ashenhurst

Damien Ashenhurst
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