Product Review: Motul Helmet Interior Cleaner

Motul Helmet Cleaner Review

Motul Interior Cleaner is designed to clean the liner of your motorcycle helmet. It’s a staple in our collection when cleaning our helmets.

Sliding a smelly helmet onto your head is far from idea. I have to admit, I have been caught out previously.  Packing up after a long day on the track or trail and forgetting to strip out the liner and put it through the wash, spells trouble. In a weeks time, the helmet smells terrible and you have to slip on a smelly thing and deal with it on a ride.

Motul Interior Clean is non-irratating to skin thanks to a formula that is dermatogically tested. The effect against the smell is instant and it’s suitable for all types of helmet interiours.

How to use Motul Interior Cleaner

  • Spray Motul Interior Clean from around 20cm on the outside of the helmet, covering the internal liner.
  • Leave the helmet to dry
  • Rip in and moto!

Price: $14.95