Footpegs are an often-overlooked piece of hardware but, when you think about it, along with your handgrips, they’re one of only two places where you contact the bike continuously. Unless, of course, like me, you’re used to being completely out of control and holding on to your bar pad with your teeth.

The Pro Taper SPI 2.3 Platform footpegs are a very well-built and good-looking piece of kit that on our project Yamaha YZ250 offer a wider point of contact than the stock pegs. They’re also arched, which I like, and that curve is complimented by cleats that look like some sort of medieval weapon. Interestingly, the pegs are also height adjustable via interchangeable billet aluminium cleats that allow you to choose between three different levels of elevation. That’s some seriously exacting adjustment right there.

There’s no doubt that stock footpegs have nothing on these bad boys. Even the springs have a smoother action than stockers. Footpegs might be a fairly personal choice but the Pro Taper SPI 2.3s tick most of the boxes we all expect. These guys are the business. — Damien Ashenhurst


Damien Ashenhurst
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