Gear Check: Fox Knee Protection Range

Gear Check: Fox Knee Protection Range

Knee 1

Fox – 2013 Titan Pro Knee/Shin Guard – $89.95

The Titan Pro Knee Guard is the most sufficient knee guard in motocross. Complete shin, knee and lower thigh coverage are seamlessly joined by a dual pivoting biomechanic hinge and floating Patella guard. Securing the asymmetrical leg specific guard is an all new Pro Knee Guard delivering central, stay put coverage throughout the entire range of motocross motion.

Design & Function

  • 3 Pieve hinged, floating knee guard
  • Complete plastic knee, shinand lower high coverge
  • Asymtrical left and right design = Optimum fit
  • Soft vented bio foam chassis = Keeps you cool and comfortable
  • One time adjustable posi-lock strap system


knee titan

Fox – Titan Race Knee/Shin Guard – $49.95

Offering zero restrictions and ultimate comfort, the Fox Racing Titan Race Motocross Knee/Shin Guards, benefit from the Titan series evolution for 2010. Now incorporating a Posi-Lock clip system, the Fox Racing Titan Race Motocross Knee/Shin Guards bring you vented, leg-specific performance with full MX knee and shin coverage.


Design & Function

  • Plastic knee and shin coverage.
  • One-time adjust posi-lock strap system.
  • Soft vented bio-foam chassis keeps you cool and comfortable.
  • Elastic straps with Velcro adjustment.
  • Sold in pairs.



 knee titan sport

Fox – Titan Sport Knee/Shin Guard – $24.95

The entry level knee guard in the Titan range offers complete plastic knee and shin coverage, traditional, easy to use elastic fitting straps and a comfortable soft bio foam chassis.

Design & Function

  • Plastic knee and shin coverage
  • Soft bio-foam chassis = Comfort
  • Elastic straps with velcro adjustment


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