Gall Celebrates 50 years with Yamaha

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Stephen Gall riding his 2024 YZ450F

Australian motocross legend Stephen Gall enters his 49th year with Yamaha Motor Australia and has just picked up a range of the latest Yamaha products to commemorate the occasion. His first year on Yamaha was 1974, then just 12 months later, he started a relationship with Yamaha Motor Australia that is still going strong to this day. A quick trip to the Yamaha offices in Brisbane saw Gall collect a 2024 50th Anniversary YZ450F, a Tenere World Raid and a 30th anniversary Moro E-bike. He then hit the road as fast as he could and drove directly to QMP. Gall hit the track on the YZ450F like a teenager and could barely contain his excitement with the quality of the new machine. Check out Gall’s thoughts on the new bike:

Stephen Gall’s thoughts on the 2024 YZ450F

All three bikes will be put to good use over the next 12 months as Gall is an avid mountain bike rider and will be involved in some adventure riding in the future as a Yamaha Ambassador for Ride ADV which provides awesome multi-day adventure rides in most states and just loves cutting laps on a motocross track, all at the ripe age of, well, let’s just say over 60. “I still have a love for motorcycles and dirt bikes to be specific,” Gall enthuses. “I might not be at the speed I once was, but the excitement and pleasure I get from riding hasn’t changed much in 50 years and to ride these modern bikes is just amazing to see and feel how far they have come.”

“I aim to get on the motocross bike weekly as it’s a great way of staying in shape and it’s also a great way to spend time with mates, so if you see me out at the track, come over and say hello,” Gall ends.