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Many, many years ago I jacked my back up pretty good in a crash. It’s something that never goes away but offers varying degrees of pain and discomfort. Sometimes it’s barely noticeable and other times I find it hard to walk upright. There’s no doubt that riding a dirtbike is one of the worst things for your lower back. There aren’t many smooth surfaces in the bush and picking up a dropped bike on a hill doesn’t leave much room for proper health and safety technique.

But this doesn’t mean that you have to accept discomfort while you’re riding. I used to ride with a kidney belt and for whatever reason I stopped and never went back to it. Well, just before I took on the Hattah Desert race this year I decided to revisit the device. EVS offers a good-sized unit called the Ballistic Belt and since Hattah I’ve worn it nearly every time I’ve hit the trails. It’s easy to put on and cleverly adjustable via two large elasticised straps. The solid back section that does all the lumbar lovin’ isn’t overly big so it doesn’t get in the way, but there’s no doubt the Ballistic Belt does its job. As soon as I put it on I feel the difference. It supports my lower back so well I’ve even ended up wearing it while doing some heavy lifting jobs around the house. My kids think I’m nuts but they should see what I’m doing with their inheritance. Yeah, I’ll have the last laugh.

If you have back problems — and you won’t be in the minority there — get yourself an EVS Ballistic Belt. It makes a difference during and after the ride. It may take a couple of rides to get used to, depending what gear you wear, but it pays off and for $39.95 it’ll be one of the cheaper bits of gear on your body. — DAMIEN ASHENHURST

CONTACT: www.cassons.com.au

PRICE: $39.95

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