Specifically designed for trail/enduro use, the Scorpion XC mid-softs can handle a variety of terrain and conditions. Surprisingly while hard pack isn’t totally in the tyres comfort zone we’ve done a fair bit of dry, hard-trail riding and they’ve held-on well. Anything with a bit of give and the XCs ace it. Basically the better the conditions the better the XCs perform. We’ve tried the Scorpion MXs around our own tracks a couple of times and didn’t feel as confident as on the XCs, particularly with front-end edge grip. But as the name suggests the MXs are great tyres but they’re designed for motocross. A motocross track tends to be dominated by one particular surface, while a trail ride or enduro race covers huge distances and therefore a wide range of obstacles and terrain and that’s where the XCs shine. We’ve had these on our WR450F project bike and ridden everything from the beach to dry as hell trails and we like the feel of these guys. If you’re overwhelmingly a hard pack rider then these aren’t the perfect compound but there are XC mid-hards that will do the job. But as an all rounder we still like the mid-softs.

Specifically for use on Enduro motorcycles in cross-country configurations.
Excellent for routes with jumps, in the mud and through vegetation.
Polyester carcass with controlled deformation to ensure an ample footprint for maximum effectiveness of traction and braking.
Optimised grip and steering precision thanks to small rigid blocks on the front tyre.
Racing compound with high performance during the entire competition, independent of the conditions of the surface.
Carcass and pattern evolved from the experience of the world motocross championship.