Spring Creek Stats and Facts

Spring Creek

What you should know heading into round eight of the 2016 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship.

Spring Creek
Spring Creek, 2011
  • Spring Creek has hosted a Lucas Oil Pro Motocross National every season since 1983. It boasts several of the most iconic obstacles in the sport: “Holy Schmit” jump (named for late local legend Donny Schmit), “Mount Martin,” and the legendary sand whoops.
    • The small town of Millville has a population of approximately just 200 people. On Saturday, that population will grow by at least 50 times that number when thousands of die-hard motocross fans converge on Spring Creek MX Park.
    • Spring Creek is the literal home track for Alex and Jeremy Martin, whose parent’s John and Greta own and operate the facility.
    • Spring Creek is arguably the most dynamic venue in all of off-road motorcycle racing, hosting a round of Pro Motocross, the AMA ATV Motocross Championship, and several major off-road endurance competitions annually.

450 Class Stats
• 2015 Overall Podium:
1. Ryan Dungey
2. Justin Barcia
3. Blake Baggett

  • The first Lucas Oil Pro Motocross race held at Spring Creek was on August 28, 1983. Bob Hannah won on a Honda. He would win his final 450 Class race in Millville just two years later.
    • This will be the 26th time the gate will drop for a 450 Class race at Spring Creek.
    • There have been just 11 different winners in 25 seasons of racing at Spring Creek.
    • Ricky Carmichael boasted an undefeated record at Spring Creek, winning every race (8) and every moto (16) from ‘00-’07. It was the site of his 76th and final Pro Motocross win in 2007.
    • Minnesota native Ryan Dungey has owned his home race since turning pro, winning a total of six times in eight seasons. He’s won four of his six career 450 Class starts, including three straight from ‘10-‘12.
    • Eli Tomac earned the first win of his 450 Class career in 2014 at Spring Creek. He is the only rider in history to claim his inaugural victory at the facility.
    • Ron Lechien is one of six riders to win at Spring Creek in both classes, but is the only rider to earn a win in the 450 Class first, followed by a 250 Class victory one year later.
    • Greg Albertyn and Chad Reed are the only two international winners in the 450 Class in 25 seasons.
    • Suzuki is the winningest brand at Spring Creek, including wins in seven of the last 11 seasons.
    • Yamaha has just one win in 25 years of competition at Spring Creek, coming in 1994 with John Dowd.

All-Time Wins at Spring Creek (Total Wins)

Ricky Carmichael (8)
Ryan Dungey (4)
Jeff Emig (3)
Bob Hannah (2)
James Stewart (2)

250 Class Stats
• 2015 Overall Podium:
1. Cooper Webb
2. Jeremy Martin
3. Joey Savatgy

  • The first 250 Class race held at Spring Creek was on August 28, 1983. Ron Lechien won on a Yamaha.
    • This will be the 34th time the gate will drop for a 250 Class at Spring Creek. There have been more 250 Class races (33) than 450 Class races (25) at the facility.
    • Late local legend Donny Schmit became the first Minnesota native to win at Spring Creek. He gave Suzuki consecutive victories in ‘87-’88 and paved the way for fellow Minnesotans Ryan Dungey and Jeremy Martin to win more than 20 years later.
    • The winner at Spring Creek has gone on to win the 250 Class title four times over the past six seasons.
    • Grant Langston and Tyla Rattray are the only two international winners in the 250 Class at Spring Creek in 33 seasons.
    • Mike LaRocco and James Stewart are the winningest 250 Class riders at Spring Creek with three victories each, all of which came consecutively.
    • Nick Wey’s one and only career Pro Motocross win came at Spring Creek in 1999.

All-Time Wins at Spring Creek (Total Wins)

Mike LaRocco (3)
James Stewart (3)
Ricky Carmichael (2)
Ryan Dungey (2)
Steve Lamson (2)
Ron Lechien (2)
Donny Schmit (2)
Eli Tomac (2)

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