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pic - Cudby
pic - Cudby

We hear from the starts of the show.

pic - Cudby
pic – Cudby

Ryan Dungey (1st 450SX): “Today was good. I will admit, today the track was tough—for all of us it was. The base was super hard and slick, and when the bumps formed they were super stiff too. I think for all of us it brought out the worst in the bikes. I tried this and that all day, and before the main event we made a little change that really helped out. I was able to get out to a good start, and I think tonight that was key. The track was really hard to pass on and it was nice to be out front and run my lines. Like last week, we didn’t get off to a good start, and look how that was. This track would of been even harder to get by the guys.”

Cole Seely (2nd 450SX): “I finally got a good start and was able to put in my own laps,” said Seely. “I tried to keep [Ryan] Dungey in my sights and he wasn’t too far in front of me at the end. It’s great to get back on the podium and it would be even better if I could back this up next weekend. Last year I started to gain my momentum when we went east, so I’m looking forward to it. It was a good run for second. He [Dungey] was kind of inching away on my a little bit—not very much—and towards the end I actually started to gain back up on him. It felt really good. We’ve done a lot of of productive testing in the past two weeks, and the bike felt so awesome. I have to give it up for my team Honda HRC, and Johnny over at KYB for setting the bike up so well and making me feel comfortable every time I get on it.”

Ken Roczen (3rd 450SX): “I think I have to be satisfied tonight with a third place. We’ve been struggling a little bit with the bike all day. We’ve been going back-and-forth with some changes we’ve done, but we salvaged a third, we’re all healthy and still ready to race. We’re going to come back next weekend and fight hard in Dallas—I want to win. We just have to get a good start and get out front right away.”

Jason Anderson (4th 450SX): “I got a good start in the heat race. I didn’t get such a good start in the main, though. All in all it wasn’t a bad night, and I still got fourth. The track was super slick and it was tough to make passes but I still made it happen. I’m just going to keep charging.”

Eli Tomac (6th 450SX): “Leading up to the night show, this has been by far the best day of the season for us. I was excited to get the ball rolling in the night show and came out of the heat race in the top three which was great. Got off to a top five start and couldn’t quite make my passes as quickly as I needed to and ended up finishing sixth place. Overall, the track was difficult tonight but we learned lots and are looking forward to next weekend.”

Wil Hahn (13th 450SX): “Overall the day was better. My speed and comfort level have improved enormously with the entire team working by my side and supporting me with what I need to succeed. I just need to continue to put in the work and the results will come.”

Justin Bogle (15th 450SX): “San Diego went okay. It was my first race back so I didn’t really know what to expect. I got the holeshot in my heat, but unfortunately had to go to the semi. I took the semi win, which was good. Ended up 15th in the main. I want to do better than that, but I’m happy to be going to Dallas next weekend and keep building.”

Joey Savatgy (1st 250SX): “We got the red plate back—we’re not sharing it any more. All in all it was a good night. The track was very tricky, very slippery and very easy to make a mistake. For me it was, focus on my laps, focus on hitting my marks and try to bring it home for the team. We got some pressure early—Cooper [Webb] went down—and from there I just kept hitting my marks, hitting my marks, hitting my marks for fifteen solid laps and bring it across that chequered flag first.”

Cooper Webb (2nd 250SX): “In practice I had a decent spill and went down pretty good. [In the main event] I was just pushing too hard. That first turn was really slick and I pushed the front a little bit and took a little different ride. It is what it is, but I was able to work my way through the pack and get second. I need to stop making mistakes, and we’ll be fine. I had a not-so-good start, was all over Joey [Savatgy] and fell. I just gotta be a little more on my toes I guess.”

Christian Craig (3rd 250SX): “I got a good start in my heat race and won it pretty easily. I was confident going into the main, but I was also kind of flustered. I was overwhelmed and riding a little off. Not too good of a start coming out of the hole, and me and another rider bumped coming off of the gate. I made some passes, got up to second, I was riding all right, and then just got tight and locked up around lap ten. I rode it out—Cooper [Webb] ended up getting me with three laps to go and I pretty much just tagged along with him. I would have liked to have gotten a win, but for how I felt all day, I’ll take a third.”

Zach Osborne (5th 250SX): “I had such a good practice and heat race. I got a 10th place start in the main, though, and ended up riding really tight. I haven’t been on the podium since Anaheim 2, and it’s starting to get a little frustrating. I’ll regroup and focus on Dallas.”

Mitchell Oldenburg (6th 250SX): “The track was one of the tougher ones we’ve seen this year and I really wanted to ride a clean race. I wanted to do better because I felt like I have the speed but after getting a mediocre start, those front guys were gone. We’ll see if we can go into the break with a good result next weekend.”

Jimmy Decotis (7th 250SX): I’m just going to stick to the program. I’ve been cleaning my diet up, Rock [Team Manager Mike LaRocco] is probably pumped on that but not my results. I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing, eating good, riding good, putting in the motos. I’m just going to stay positive, that’s all I can ask for. I’m excited for a good healthy week to put some motos in and get strong.”

Jordon Smith (19th 250SX): “Just glad to keep that start streak going. My GEICO Honda was just amazing off the start. I had pretty decent practices and a good heat race, and I was feeling good in the main. Just when I was starting to get into my groove, I ran into the back of Cooper [Webb], hit his rear tire. Unfortunately I went down and hit my shoulder again.”

Chris Alldredge (21st 250SX): “My day went really well. I started the day with the best free practice I’ve ever had, and went into qualifying with a good mindset. In my heat I had a great start but made a mistake and had to fight back to bring it home fifth. In the Main Event, I had a great start. I got off the line really well, lead to the first corner checked up a bit and then swung out into the lead. I felt good and was ready to put in my 15 laps until I unfortunately had a bike problem that put me out of the race. I’m really looking forward to the next race.”

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