Product Review: Hammerhead Billet Gear Lever



When I first jumped on the Honda CRF450R I struggled to shift gears and clicked my fair share of false neutrals while getting used to the bike. So after discussing this with the guys from John Titman Racing, the importers of Hammerhead, a shifter with a tip for my size 11 was on the way.

As soon as I bolted it up, I had an improved feel with the lever. I felt I could actually shift gears with the end of my boot, rather than the middle of it, struggling to get it under the lever.

Not only does the lever allow for better feel if you’re struggling with the standard size; it’s also stronger than the standard lever. Made from 6061 aerospace billet aluminium, these are extremely strong and solid. If you’ve ever wrapped a standard lever around a track marker without crashing, you’ll know it’s no fun riding a track in one gear.

It’s as easy to fit as a standard lever, so there’s no worry if you aren’t smashing it when it comes to your mechanical skills. The levers are available with +5mm, +10mm, +15mm and 20mm, depending on what size boot you wear. — Matt Bernard