I’ve been impressed with 100% goggles since the moment they hit the shelves. The company obviously made a conscious decision to wait until the product was right before heading into a crowded market. Of course it helps to have a long-time Scott employee come over to your corner!

I’ve been wearing the Racecraft model recently and, first of all, I’ve got to applaud the fact that along with the goggles you receive a stack of tear-offs and an extra lens to complement the tinted one that comes with the Supersonic model I’ve been running.

The Supersonics feature nice solid outriggers which help provide an even fit across your face and a nicely designed nose cutaway that doesn’t pinch or leave a gaping hole. There’s a removable nose guard as well and while the foam isn’t all that thick it does a good job of arresting sweat. The goggle hasn’t given me any concern whatsoever with fogging and, let’s be honest, that’s the big issue for any goggle no matter how cool it looks.

There isn’t a lot of flex in the frame, which I like. I tried the goggles in four different helmets and had no problems with fitting. There’s a tonne of colour schemes and lens choices in the Racecraft range so check them out online. I’d be happy to recommend 100% up against the best any day. — Damien Ashenhurst

Damien Ashenhurst
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