Waters and KTM Take Murray Bridge – The Hard Way


Motorex KTM team rider Todd Waters won his second straight round of the Monster Energy MX Nationals at Murray Bridge today, despite a crash which led to him finishing fifth in the first moto.

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The North Queensland ace not only reiterated his outstanding form from round one, but also showed his ability to fight back from setback as he extended his lead in the MX Nats championship to 19 points.

Waters won the Go Pro Super Pole, then scored fifth and first place finishes from the two motos, winning overall from Billy Mackenzie, Jake Moss, Lawson Bopping and Matt Moss.

Motorex KTM Team mate Kirk Gibbs showed his doggedness after a puncture in the opening moto dropped him to outside the top 20. The MX2 rookie regrouped and came out all guns blazing in moto 2, building on a lightning start to claim a brilliant and well-deserved fourth place.

Rob Twyerould – Team Manager “It was a beautiful day today with an awesome crowd. Kirk went down in the first turn then punctured which was very unusual as it’s not a rocky track, but we changed the wheel and he went back out. Todd got to the lead and then washed the front out, but the electric start button twisted under the throttle and he dropped back to sixth trying to get to the button and get started. He came back to third, but stalled the bike in a turn and had the same problem, ending up fifth. He was the fastest guy out there, but he lost track of how much time he had and probably rode harder than he needed to. Still, it was interesting for him to experience that and it made him more determined, which was exactly what he showed in the second moto.

“Kirk was disappointed to puncture in the first race but did fantastically well in race two. He was running third with 10 to go and Bopping got him but he hung with him. He’ll carry this through to future rounds – it was a really good confidence builder for him. He was smooth and in control on a very tough, technical track which really was impressive. I’d also like to say a big thanks to the crew; Kyle, Ryan, Danny and Kevvy for an awesome job in helping everyone to keep their heads high between races.”

Todd Waters #47 “I always enjoy Murray Bridge; every time I’ve raced here I’ve won the overall so it’s been good a good place for me. I was quick in that first race but just made a couple of mistakes. I didn’t get the best start to the first moto but worked my way into the lead by lap two and had started to check out and pull a gap when I washed the front and fell. The starter button got stuck under the throttle and I went back to sixth. I was determined to keep chipping away and came back to third with first and second right ahead, when I snuffed the bike and dropped back to 5th.

I was really disappointed when I came in because I knew the race was mine. I was a little cheesed off but I told myself I need to stop sooking about it and keep a clear mind, which I did and I won the next moto. I’ve learned I can switch it off when I have a bad finish, just put it off and go out there fresh.”

Kirk Gibbs #5 “I’ll look at the positives today, which was my second race. I’m really happy and I’ll keep moving forward with that momentum. I was pretty disappointed after the first, but once I got going I felt like I was riding well, so I knew that as long as I could start well things would turn out okay. I felt like I had good lines and just rode smart, and if I got passed I wouldn’t ride over the top to keep up. I just rode my own race and held my lines and picked up on different ones as they emerged. This race was really good for my confidence. I know the guys have a lot of faith in me and today I showed what I can do if I get a start. The shoulder didn’t bother me at all today, I put in 30 minutes solid on a rough track and there was no arm pump or anything.”

MX2 – In the MX2 class Brock Winston put his KTM into the final podium place while Kale Makeham maintained third in the championship with fourth on the day. Class rookies and Choice Motorsports KTM team mates Dylan Long and Kayne Lamont both gained top-ten finishes with sixth and ninth respectively.

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Monster Energy MX Nats Rd.2 MX1 Overall Results:

1. Todd Waters 66
2. Billy Mackenzie 64
3. Jake Moss 60
4. Lawson Bopping 59
5. Matt Moss 54
6. Tye Simmonds 46
7. Jacob Wright 45
8. Cody Cooper 45
9. Ford Dale 42
10. Cody Mackie 42
11. Daniel McCoy 41
12. Cheyne Boyd 40
13. Kirk Gibbs 39

MX1 Championship Points:

1. Todd Waters 141
2. Billy Mackenzie 122
3. Lawson Bopping 109
4. Jake Moss 107
5. Matt Moss 107
6. Cody Cooper 105
7. Tye Simmonds 98
8. Ford Dale 85
9. Cody Mackie 83
10. Jacob Wright 80
11. Daniel McCoy 78
12. Kirk Gibbs 76

MX2 Overall Results:

1. Luke Clout 67
2. Luke Styke 65
3. Brock Winston 57
4. Kale Makeham 54
5. Ryan Marmont 50
6. Dylan Long 49
7. Geran Stapleton 47
8. Rhys Carter 45
9. Kayne Lamont 44
10. Matt Ryan 43

MX2 Championship Points:

1. Luke Styke 135
2. Luke Clout 122
3. Kale Makeham 112
4. Brock Winston 109
5. Geran Stapleton 90
6. Kayne Lamont 90
7. Matt Ryan 90
8. Josh Cachia 88
9. Takeshi Katsuya 82
10. Kade Mosig 73
11. Tristen Cachia 69
12. Dylan Long 66

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