PR: Dack Delighted With Sensational CDR Yamaha 1-2 Finish

PR: Dack Delighted With Sensational CDR Yamaha 1-2 Finish

 In what many regard as the toughest and most challenging rounds of the MX National circuit, the CDR Yamaha duo of Josh Coppins and Lawson Bopping overcame their rivals, the energy sapping sand and the bike swallowing whoops to claim an emphatic 1-2 finish at round four of the Monster Energy MX Nationals at Wanneroo in WA.

Josh Coppins

The deep sand of WA always proves to be a vital round of the championship and it’s a place where only the strong survive as the gruelling sand circuit becomes a minefield of chest deep sand whoops that cover the entire track. The lap-times slow up to 15 seconds a lap throughout the day as the soft surface cuts up and it provides the ultimate challenge to the riders, teams and machines.

CDR Yamaha more than met that challenge.

Josh Coppins was on song all weekend, posting fast laps in the free practice and carrying that form into qualifying where he took pole position. He immediately stamped his footprint on the round with a win in moto one and a hard fought second in moto two but it was a gut busting ride in moto three that floored his competition and set Coppins ahead of the pack.

In 30 minutes of racing, Coppins took control of the race and ground his opponents into the sand. He maintained his intensity all the way to the finish and lapped up to an amazing eighth place to win the final moto and claim the round overall with 1-2-1 positions. He also extended his lead out to a healthy 42 points.

It was a hard day on a tough track and physically very taxing, but that is what we train for and what can separate the riders,” Coppins explains. “When you cross the finish-line in the final moto totally spent, but at the same time achieving your goals, that is what racing motocross is all about.”

“Today was a rewarding day not just for me but the team with Lawson also on the podium. Everyone put in and we got the result we worked for and deserved.”

A second place overall at Wanneroo makes it two podiums in a row for Lawson Bopping. Growing in confidence and stature at each and every race, Bopping is proving to be the brightest young star in the premier MX 1 class showing he has the heart and determination to climb his way to the top.

Bopping posted 2-3 finishes in the opening two, back to back, motos and was well placed in the points entering the final 30 minute moto. Bopping battled all the way to the finish in a workman like performance to finish sixth in the moto and make it a CDR 1-2 round finish in the process.

Bopping now moves to fourth in the championship just eight points away from second place.

I’m feeling ok but I just couldn’t ride any faster!” Bopping said moments after the race. “The last race was brutal as the track was so rough and whooped out but I just kept at it and no way was I going to stop fighting.”

“Like last week, I’m pumped with another podium and a second place finish here is awesome. The CDR Yamaha team has been fantastic and have really challenged me to lift my game and so far things have worked out well since I have joined the team.”

“As my riding has stepped up and my speed is better, I need to match my fitness to the improvement in my speed to keep getting closer to Josh and the championship leaders.”

Just as exhausted as the riders was Team Manager, Craig Dack, who despite being on the sidelines, rode every bump of every lap with his riders and couldn’t be prouder of the effort his entire team have put in.

“I have been coming to WA for 30 years now and it is a great place to race. The track, the spectators and the atmosphere are all unbelievable and it forces the cream to ride to the top.”

“This is a huge highlight for me at CDR to have our riders’ finish 1-2 in the toughest event of the season. It was a fantastic day and an awesome performance but as I spoke with them after the race, it’s not even half way through the championship and we can’t afford to take our eyes off the prize. We must remain focused and continue to work hard,” Dack comments.

There is only a one week turn around before the CDR Yamaha team face the start gates again next weekend in Murray Bridge, South Australia. Again it will be time to roll up the sleeves and get to work on what also traditionally is a tough track for competitors.

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MX1 Overall Results:
1. Josh Coppins – 72 (CDR Yamaha)
2. Lawson Bopping – 57 (CDR Yamaha)
3.Todd Waters – 56 (Suzuki)
4. Brad Anderson – 50 (Honda)
5. Cody Cooper – 46 (Suzuki)
6. Tye Simmonds – 45 (Honda)
7. Daniel McCoy  – 42 (Suzuki)
8. Jay Marmont  -38 (Kawasaki)
9. Mike Phillips – 33 (Honda)
10. Gordon Crockard – 32 (Yamaha)

MX1 Championship Standings (after 4 of 10 rounds):
1. Josh Coppins 253 (CDR Yamaha)
2. Brad Anderson 211
3. Todd Waters 208
4. Lawson Bopping 203 (CDR Yamaha)
5. Cody Cooper 183
6. Tye Simmonds 178
7. Jay Marmont 177
8. Jake Moss 157
9. Daniel McCoy 125
10. Daniel Reardon 107