The folks at Williams Event Management have announced that the 2014 Monster Energy Motocross Nationals will feature  two different formats which will run at select rounds interspersed throughout the year. The idea came from input from the industry throughout 2013 by which a consensus was reached that while the 30 minute moto is the pro standard, the shorter formats attract more riders to the races.
2012 featured short formats and packed grids – 2013 was traditional format and low grid numbers. Therefore a compromise has been offered by WEM to attract amateur riders back to the Nats and keep the pro riders challenged at the same time.


Here’s an explanation on the formats as supplied by WEM:

The 3 X 20 minute moto format will feature at:

Round 1 Broadford Vic March 30th.

Round 5 Wanneroo WA May 25th,

Round 7 Conondale QLD July 13th

Round 8 Raymond Terrace NSW August 3rd

Round 10 Coolum QLD August 30/31
8:30am   8:55am  Motul MX2 P/Q  25 Min 9.00am   9:25am  Monster MX1  P/Q  25 Min
9.30am   9.35am  Go Pro Super pole  5 Min
9:35am   9:55am   Pirelli MXD  P/Q   20 Min
10.00am 10.05am Official Opening   5 Min
10.15am 10:45am Motul MX2 Moto 1  20 Min + 1 lap
10:45am 11:15am Monster MX1 Moto 1  20 Min + 1 lap
11:15pm 11:45pm Pirelli MXD Moto 1  20  + 1 lap
11:45pm 1:00pm   Lunch  50 min
1:00pm  1:30pm  Motul MX2 Moto 2  20 Min +  1 lap
1:30pm  2:00pm  Monster MX1 Moto 2  20 Min +  1 lap
2.00pm  2:30pm  Pirelli MXD Moto 2  20 Min +  1 lap
2.30pm  3:00pm  Motul MX2 Moto 3  20 Min +  1 lap
3:00pm  3:30pm  Monster MX1 Moto 3  20 Min +  1 lap
3:30pm  4:00pm  Monster MXD Moto 3  20 Min + 1 lap



Round 2 Appin NSW April 13th.

Round 3 Wonthaggi Vic April 29th

Round 4 Murray Bridge SA May 18th

Round 6 Swan Hill June Vic June 29th

Round 9 Gladstone QLD August 26th



8:30am  8:55am Motul MX2 P/Q  25 Min
9.00am  9:25am Monster MX1 P/Q  25 Min
9.30am  9.35am  Go Pro Super pole  5 Min
9:35am  9:55am Pirelli MXD P/Q  20 Min
10.00am 10.20am Support class  P/Q   20 Min
10.20am 10.25am Official Opening   5 Min
10.30am 11:05am Motul MX2 Moto 1  30 Min + 1 lap
11:15am 11:50am Monster MX1 Moto 1  30 Min + 1 lap
12.00pm 12.25pm Pirelli MXD Moto 1  20 Min + 1 lap
12:25pm 1:15pm Lunch  50 min
1:15pm  1:35pm Support class Moto 1  15 Min
1:45pm  2:25pm Motul MX2 Moto 2  30 Min + 1 lap
2:35pm  3:10pm Monster MX1 Moto 2  30 Min + 1 lap
3.20pm  3:45pm Pirelli MXD Moto 2  20 Min + 1 lap
3.55pm  4:10pm Support class  Moto 2  15 Min



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