Leatt 20 Yr Anniversary
Leatt celebrates 20 Year Anniversary

Twenty years ago, Dr. Chris Leatt witnessed the heartbreaking loss of a fellow motocross racer. This incident inspired him to create a neck brace to guard against common neck injuries, and he spent the following three years developing a rough prototype designed to work with a helmet to provide significant neck protection.

Leatt Chris+lab Dps1
Chris Leatt lab testing

This was the humble beginning of the Leatt brand. The award-winning Leatt-Brace not only defined the category but also revolutionised neck protection.

As more riders embraced the brace, neck injuries declined.

Fast forward to today, and Leatt has become a top name in mountain biking and extreme motorsports protection. Founder Dr. Chris Leatt says, “For the past 20 years, it’s been incredibly rewarding to know our passion and products have revolved around saving lives.”

Leatt Rk 09371
The Leatt Brace has proven to offer protection against neck injuries

A ten-year independent study by Great Lakes EMS Inc. showed the effectiveness of wearing a neck brace: without one, neck injuries were 89% more likely, death from a cervical spinal injury was 69% more likely, non-fatal cervical spinal injuries were 75% more likely, and collarbone fractures were 45% more likely. Link to study: https://www.actionsportsems.com/case-study-neck-brace 

“These studies back up what we’ve seen in our testing – and validate the importance of riding with a neck brace,” Dr. Leatt shares. “It’s incredibly fulfilling and a huge point of pride to see my life’s work making such a real difference.”

Leatt Brace Prototypes 05
Leatt Brace Early Prototype

Expanding the Product Line

Building on the success of the Leatt neck brace, Leatt expanded its range to include helmets, body armour, knee braces, elbow guards, hydration systems, and apparel. By 2025, over 430 different Leatt products will be across three line categories.

Today, Leatt designs comprehensive head-to-toe protection for Mountain Bikers, Motocross, and Adventure Motorcycle riders.

Leatt is committed to ongoing research, development, and testing at the Leatt Lab in Cape Town, South Africa. There, products are meticulously designed and rigorously tested. The result is high-performance protective gear for both pros and casual riders. Leatt collaborates directly with pro athletes, using their feedback in its R&D efforts to ensure every product is state-of-the-art.

Leatt Flow Tour 07
Leatt Flow Tour Adventure

The Future of Protective Riding Gear

Since day one, Leatt has been dedicated to protecting riders on bicycles, motorbikes, snowmobiles or other open-air vehicles. 

Dr. Leatt notes, “Our mission revolves around saving lives and preventing injuries, and with this core of our vision, we’ve attracted some of the smartest minds in the industry.”

“As a cross-country rider myself, I’m thrilled to see our endurance line grow. But look out for new product categories. We’re constantly innovating as technology advances. We’re exploring what’s needed in different sports, and we have some exciting new stuff coming. Stay tuned!”

Check out the 20 Years of Leatt video, and for more info about the Leatt brand ‘Click Here’.