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Across recreation and farm use – the Wolverine will tick a lot of boxes


Yamaha’s new Wolverine X2 R-Spec ticks a lot of boxes in its effort to be many things to many people



Yamaha is blurring the lines between the farm and recreation with the all new Wolverine X2 R-Spec two-seater side-by-side. On the surface it’s very much about working with the 272kg rated gas–assisted tip tray, 907 kilogram towing capacity and reliable Ultramatic CVT transmission but it doesn’t take much digging to find features that make this a great recreational vehicle.

The new 850cc parallel-twin long stroke engine (DOHC) with 2WD, 4WD (L and H) and diff-lock compliments the stunning Kayaba suspension package that without a doubt offered the most comfortable ride we’ve ever experienced in a side-by-side. It did this without sacrificing sharp steering through the Electrical Power Steering and without the jerky throttle response that’s the norm for so many other models. The result is a far less fatiguing ride which is advantageous for both farm work and fun.

We spent a day on the beautiful Mount Seaview property, not far from Port Macquarie NSW, and put the machine through a few different tests that included steep climbs and descents on loose rocky hills as well as water crossings and nice flowing trails. The combination of the new suspension set-up, excellent bucket seats and a quieter engine allow you to be in the Wolverine X2 for long days without feeling flogged.

Inside the SxS the dash is pretty simple with an easy to read display and a decent size glove box and a 12-volt socket. One of the Wolverine’s safety features is that it will only putt along if you don’t have your seatbelt on and if you need to double down on safety then you can turn a key under the bonnet and restrict the top speed to 40KPH. The key can then be removed so it can’t be switched back.

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Clearly it’s been a while since we bathed so we dived into the river hard


A massive host of accessories are available for the Wolverine X2 R-Spec and most items are designed to plug straight-in or bolt straight-on from a windscreen to mirrors, a winch, heated seat pads and an impressive Android based portable tablet display called the Adventure Pro that runs as a real-time performance display as well as navigation and can be used as a base to access apps.

The side-by-side market is growing rapidly amid safety concerns about ATVs. They may be far more expensive but they represent a more versatile and ultimately safer alternative. Yamaha has a large range on offer from two-seaters up to six-seaters for the farm or recreation within the Viking and Wolverine series’ and of course there also the YXZ1000R sports SxS that’s just an absolute weapon and crazy fun to drive.

When it was all said and done I was struck by how comfortable it was to be in and how easy it handled some pretty difficult terrain. It wasn’t fatiguing and while we didn’t exactly take on any farm duties we can confirm it’s fun to drive and explore in.

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The Android based Adventure Pro tablet mounts off the dash
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