I found that the brakes on the Honda CRF450R were fading late in the Amcross races, or during long rides on fast grass tracks. I ride mainly big, flowing grass tracks where you’re on the bikkies for long periods of time, which makes the disc and pads get mega hot. It hadn’t really been frustrating me until recently. As my confidence is improving with the Honda, I’m working the brakes harder and starting to find some limits on the really fast tracks.

I contacted the guys at Link International, distributors of States MX, who do a 270mm front disc. The disc is a full-floating number and comes complete with the rotor and also the mounting hardware, making it a quick and easy fitment. It has given the brakes a much more instantaneous operation. A lot less pressure on the lever creates a lot more stopping power than before, something I really like. I like my bikes to have mega touchy brakes. Not everyone likes that and one of my mates complained of the front tucking under brakes; however, it’s something I like and I think he just wanted to pick on something.

I wish I’d done this earlier. There is no point having the fastest bike in the world if you can’t stop efficiently and the States MX rotor has improved the braking performance immensely. — Matt Bernard

Price: $249.95