Gear Review: MOTO-GATE

Gear Review: MOTO-GATE



The Moto-Gate is an awesome product for ute drivers. I’ve always been a van man but I recently purchased a Nissan Navara when the DIRT ACTION Vito unfortunately needed to be returned. I dislike having to tie absolutely everything down in a ute. When carrying two bikes, the Navara’s rear tailgate must be down, which means everything needs to be tied in to avoid losing it out the back. However, since using the Moto-Gate I’m much more comfortable having the tailgate down. It keeps everything in place and stops anything from sliding too far back. Four tie-down-style straps attach to a point in the rear of your ute; I use the bikes’ footpegs for two straps and two on a point in the ute. There’s really nothing I can complain about with the Moto-Gate — it’s a practical product, easy to store and also leaves a place to attach a numberplate when your tailgate is down. It has a range of other uses, too. If you’re in a van it can also help keep stuff from sliding and bouncing around, plus the Moto-Gate website shows a whole range of practical uses such as keeping hay in the back of your ute on the farm, keeping your boxes from shifting around when moving house and even for separating loads in the back of your ute. Got a ute? Get a Moto-Gate.

Matt Bernard

Price: $89.95