On the Ténéré, I’ve been wearing a motocross helmet. It’s fine for short jaunts on the tar but anything longer than 10 or 15 minutes and it starts getting pretty noisy and even fatiguing with the constant sound. The guys from Ficeda felt my pain and sent across the Shark Explore-R helmet, a dedicated dual-sport riding helmet. The helmet is basically two helmets in one. With the peak and goggles removed, a visor can be fitted to create a trick-looking carbon-fibre road helmet; peak and goggles on and you have something built for the dirt. The helmet itself is very comfortable. I was sceptical about the goggles being just as noisy as a moto-helmet, but it’s not the case. The shape of the front of the helmet and the way the goggles seal creates a pretty quiet road ride — not as quiet as a visor, but not as loud as an MX helmet. The Explore-R is a helmet for Joe the Gadget Man. At the base of the liner you’ll find a zipper: unzip it and a retractable windshield will keep your neck safe from the elements on a windy and wet day. To add to the gadget factor, I’ve also fitted the Sharktooth Bluetooth setup to the helmet. The Shark Explore-R helmet has a space for this to fit perfectly and it’s pretty easy to fit to your helmet. Riding through the bush with tunes cranking is pretty cool. But be aware: no excuse for not answering the phone now!

If there’s one oversight with this helmet, it’s that you can’t use a peak and a visor as you can with many other dual-sport helmets. If you could, it would be an absolute 10 out of 10 — which it really is in road or trail setup. Don’t get me wrong: the goggles and visor setup does the job; I just would have loved to have the visor and peak option if I was going on a long ride. The way the helmet is designed to still be quiet with the goggles saves this helmet and makes it less of an issue, but still something worth noting. The positives of having two helmets in one as well as the comfort, features and Sharktooth system more than compensate for the visor issue. — Matt Bernard

Price: $599.95






* A helmet with full-screen panoramic vision that can become a trail helmet: visor + goggles

* Autoseal system makes the visor adhere to the helmet gasket, providing much better insulation

* Rapid anti-fog system, opening and locking the visor on an anti-mist position

* Integrated retractable windshield within the chin cover

* Constructed from carbon aramid fibre and multi-axial glass fibre

* Outside anti-scratch & inside anti-fog visor treatment

* Integrated UV380 label & anti-scratch sun visor

* Quick-release visor system

* Optimal comfort for persons wearing glasses

* 2 shell sizes: optimal morphological adjustment

* Micro lock buckle system

* To wash, use delicates or cold cycle and place inside a washing net

* Planned location for Sharktooth®