Champions Crowned at KTM AJMX

Mat Fabry - Shania Ireland SportsPix Photography
Mat Fabry - Shania Ireland SportsPix Photography

With every race providing the opportunity to snatch up vital championship points, junior riders got to work, knowing full well that at the conclusion of the day champions would be crowned.

Mat Fabry - Shania Ireland SportsPix Photography
Mat Fabry – Shania Ireland SportsPix Photography

And crowned they were, from the epic battles in the 100cc to 125cc 13-u15 years class, to a heartbreaking finish in the 50cc class, the final motos of this year’s KTM AJMX were action packed to say the very least.

100cc to 125cc 2-stroke 13-u15 years

With the final race of the day on the line for the 100cc to 125cc 2-stroke 13-u15 years class, riders were pumped up, with only one being crowned champion at the conclusion of the moto.

When bikes launched into turn one, it was a huge upset for Rhys Budd, who went down and was forced to start from close to dead last.

However for points leader Mat Fabry (Yamaha), the holeshot meant he could get to the start required to fight off closest title threat Caleb Grothues, who followed closely behind in second.

After only a few laps though, you could tell there was a championship on the line, as Fabry and Grothues went head to head, treating onlookers to a battle for the race-lead. And in spectacular fashion Grothues made the pass, relegating Fabry to second where he began to feel the pressure from Callum Norton.

With one lap to go, the running order saw Grothues out in front, followed by Norton, Fabry and Riley Dukes who made up the remaining top positions.

However when the chequered flag flew for the final time on the 100cc to 125cc 2-stroke 13-u15 years class, it was Grothues who had reason to celebrate – taking an emphatic race win, ahead of Norton who wrapped up the race in second, while Fabry crossed the line in third, enough to win him the 2015 AJMX Championship.

85cc 2-stroke / 150cc 4-stroke std wheel 9-u12 years

When the full grid or riders lined up for their final race this morning, all eyes were on KTM’s Jett Lawrence who had dominated the class throughout the entire week.

When gates dropped, it was the Lawrence show once again, as his number 49 machine launched through the first turn, and began to check out on the huge field of competitors.

After one lap, Lawrence left his competitors to battle behind him. And battle they did! With Billy Payne in second, Alex Larwood charged from fifth to third in a matter of moments, on a charge to the front of the talented pack.

However, in a huge turn of events, Lawrence dropped back to fifth place at the five-minute mark, allowing Larwood to inherit the race-lead ahead of Payne, and leaving Lawrence with a job on his hands if he was to make up lost ground.

With two minutes remaining, Lawrence made the move on Payne, charging back to second, and eyeing off the rear wheel of race leader Larwood. And determined to keep a flawless record Lawrence passed Larwood for the lead with half a lap to go.

When the race wrapped up, it was Lawrence who did more than what was required to take the race win, and the Australian Championship, ahead of Larwood who finished the race in second, and Payne in third.

50cc Division 2 7-u9 years

With the Division 2 class being one of the biggest classes in this year’s championship, the little tackers buzzed down the start straight for their final moto all hoping to be this year’s Australian Champion. And it was the number 20 of Kayd Kingsford who took the holeshot ahead of his competitors.

After only one lap, Kayden Minear moved in to the race lead, while Seth Clark held his own in second, followed by Jake Snow in third.

As the race reached it’s final stages, Clark managed to move in to the lead, while Seth Burchell made his way up in to second, and Minear in third.

However despite leading for a period of time, in a huge upset Burchell’s bike stopped with one lap to go, allowing Clarke to take the race win ahead of Australia’s newest 50cc champions Minear, followed by Deacon Paice in second and third respectively.

However the story from the race was that of Burchell’s – huge crowds cheered as Burchell pushed his bike all the way to the line, showing his outstanding fighting spirit, all the way until the end.

85cc 2-stroke / 150cc 4 stroke std / big wheel 14-u16 years

With so much talent crammed in to the 85cc 2-stroke / 150cc 4 stroke std / big wheel 14-u16 years class, all bets were on when racing got underway.

When bikes launched off the start and down the straight, lightening fast Honda mounted Morgan Forgarty took the early race lead, however with a championship on the mind, Mitchel Outram was not ready to give up just yet.

By the halfway point Fogarty managed to maintain his impressive race lead, while Outram looked comfortable in second knowing it would be all that was needed to wrap up an Australian Championship.

In a huge upset, just two laps before the finish, Fogarty had issues with his bike forcing him to DNF in a devastating turn of events – however Outram was able to capitalize on Fogarty’s misfortune, crossing the line with the race win and the Australian championship, followed by Liam Walsh and Thomas Bell who finished in second and third places respectively.

85cc 2-stroke / 150cc 4-stroke std / big wheel 12-u14 years

With water added to the track for the last race for the 85cc 2-stroke / 150cc 4-stroke std / big wheel 12-u14 years class, riders were treated to fresh conditions when racing got underway.

When gates dropped it was a hotly contested battle for the holeshot with Corben Weinert exiting turn one first, with Regan Duffy and Bailey Malkiewcz only a bike length behind.

After two laps, KTM mounted Duffy was the new race leader, ahead of Malkiewcz in second and Rhys Budd who had managed to move in to third.

And there was little change in standings from the halfway point to the conclusion of the moto, with only Malkiewcz dropping off from the pointy end of the standings.

When the chequered flag flew, it was Duffy who added another race win to his growing resume, looking to be more than enough to unofficially hand him the 2015 Australian Championship. Crossing the line in second was Budd, while James Scott concluded the ten-minute moto in third.

65cc Solo 7-u9 years

With only one point separating Seth Burchell from closest threat Kayden Minear, the stakes were extra high, as the 65cc Solo 7-u9 class headed out to battle for an Australian Championship.

However when racing got underway it was Braden Plath who got to the early race lead, before the 27 machine of Burchell settled in to second behind him.

After only one lap however, a four-way battle for the race lead quickly emerged, with Minear moving in to the lead ahead of Plath, followed by Burchell and Tyler Collins in third and fourth.

However with both vying for a championship the pressure was on, and after a tough outing earlier Burchell dropped back to fifth, allowing Minear to capitalize on his position.

When the seven-minute race concluded, Minear crossed the line victorious and appeared to have done more than enough to be crowned Australian Champion. Following closely behind in second was Plath, while Collins wrapped up his final 65cc 7-u9 race in third.

100cc – 150cc 2-stroke / 200cc – 250cc 4-stroke Girls 13-u16 years

With racing for the girls not long off being wrapped up, all eyes were on Danielle Foot who had dominated results for the entire week.

Despite not being in contention for the title due to a costly DNF, Chelsea Carter got to a ripping start, and moved in to the early race lead ahead of Foot in second.

After only one lap, Carter did not look to be slowing up, maintaining her lead on Foot, followed by a hard charging Tahlia O’Hare who continued to impress in third.

And when racing was all over Foot made a late charge to take the race win ahead of Carter – Foot doing more than required to see her crowned the 100cc – 150cc 2-stroke / 200cc – 250cc 4-stroke Girls 13-u16 years class Australian Champion, while O’Hare concluded the ten lap moto in third.

100cc to 125cc 2-stroke 13-u15 years Championship

1) Mat Fabry – 97 points
2) Caleb Grothues – 96 points
3) Callum Norton – 92 points
4) Riley Dukes – 84 points
5) Regan Duffy – 76 points

85cc 2-stroke / 150cc 4-stroke std wheel 9-u12 years Championship

1) Jett Lawrence – 105 points
2) Alex Larwood – 96 points
3) Levi Rogers – 86 points
4) Cody Chittick – 76 points
5) Seth Manuel – 75 points

50cc Division 2 7-u9 years Championship

1) Kayden Minear – 154 points
2) Seth Clark – 151 points
3) Seth Burchell – 142 points
4) Deacon Paice – 123 points
5) Taj Moore – 115 points

85cc 2-stroke / 150cc 4 stroke std / big wheel 14-u16 years Championship

1) Mitchell Outram – 167 points
2) Liam Walsh – 158 points
3) Riley Dukes – 152 points
4) Thomas Bell – 133 points
5) Patrick Ceh- 117 points

85cc 2-stroke / 150cc 4-stroke std / big wheel 12-u14 years Championship

1) Regan Duffy – 172 points
2) Rhys Budd – 152 points
3) Corben Weinert – 133 points
4) John Bova – 125 points
5) Bailey Malkiewcz – 123 points

65cc Solo 7-u9 years Championship

1) Kayden Minear – 161 points
2) Seth Burchell – 155 points
3) Tyler Collins – 151 points
4) Braden Plath – 141 points
5) Reece Weissel – 13t points

100cc – 150cc 2-stroke / 200cc – 250cc 4-stroke Girls 13-u16 years Championship

1) Danielle Foot – 172 points
2) Tahlia O’Hare – 154 points
3) Lily Kent – 139 points
4) Chelsea Carter – 129 points
5) Tanesha-Rose Harnet – 129 points

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