Asterisk Knee Brace has produced the ALL-NEW Carbon Cell 1 (CC1). Their dedication to making the finest quality, fitting and performing knee braces in the world has led to the design and development of the CC1. The CC1 is manufactured from Military Spec and Aerospace grade carbon fibre prepreg that is made in America, the finest in the world.

The focus during the design and development of the CC1 was making the slimmest, lightest, most comfortable knee brace in the world. Asterisk wanted a brace that fit so well on your leg, it looks like it’s painted on, and they have definitely succeeded here.

Asterisk 2
Asterisk 2

The floating knee hinge will automatically align with your knee joint which means it will fit a broad range of leg and knee shapes for those who have found it hard to get a good fit in the past.  The CC1 gives you the ability to adjust the extension and flexion that the brace will allow your leg to bend.

They definitely appear slimmer, and with the lightweight carbon fibre construction you shouldn’t feel as much fatigue in your legs at the end of the day.

Many riders wear knee guards as they’re not comfortable with the bulk of a knee brace.  In that instance, the CC1s might be the brace that will work for you. Flexible, light, safe and comfortable are what makes it worthwhile giving the CC1s some thought for the future.

At roughly 454g (+/-depending on size) per brace, Asterisks believe it’s the lightest, best fitting and most comfortable functional knee brace in the world, without sacrificing strength and durability. The CC1 is backed up by a 3-year frame warranty.

Asterisk is the inventor of the off the shelf carbon fibre performance knee brace, and in the world of knee protection and bracing, this is a game-changer.

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