A4DE Update Day 2

A4DE Update Day 2

Milner hits the front


Daniel Milner has taken lead of the 2013 Harvey Fresh Australian Four Day Enduro (A4DE) after an action-packed day two in Harvey (WA). Day two saw Matthew Phillips slip to second place in the outright on his Husqvarna TE310.

At the second Quit Cross test there was only a one second difference between Matthew Phillips, Chris Hollis, Daniel Milner and Glenn Kearney.

Husqvarna rider, Glenn Kearney is second in his class and fourth in the outright after day two.

“Today was a better day for me. I struggled a bit in the flat grass tracks. Traditional Enduro style riding suits me very well. Rocks and clay are better terrain for me, so I am really looking forward to tomorrow. My bike has been flawless. Just a few suspension changes and that was it really. I am giving it my all, but of course I am careful as I do not want to damage anything.

Trent Lean had a good day with his Suzuki 450. “The first two tests were dried out and it  was a great ride out there in the commonage and then off to the sandy tests. I enjoy riding in the mud, but also in the sand. So it’s one big treat for me. I haven’t ridden in gravel yet, so it will probably be very slippery. It is all just a learning curve. The bike is going fantastic – touch wood. The 4 day is a tough event and therefore tough on the bike. I am not doing anything silly, so that’s how I preserve my bike. You have got to ride as fast as you can, but you don’t want to damage the bike or yourself.”

A lot of the riders in the women’s class were struggling today, with unfortunately a lot of crashes and lost valuable time. There is now fourteen second difference between Emelie Karlsson and Jessica Gardiner.

Tayla Jones, who is fourth in the Women’s class at the moment, had a lot of fun today. “Tracks are challenging, really sandy and very technical. The tree stumps were pretty scary at the Quit Cross Test, but I just followed the lines that were already there and went for it.”

After 6 tests and 259k’s the top three per class for Day 2 are as follows:
E1 1. Daniel Milner, 2. Glenn Kearney, 3. Peter Boyle
E2 1. Matthew Phillips, 2. Chris Hollis, 3. Joshua Green
E3 1. Ben Grabham, 2. Geoff Braico 3. Stefan Granquist,
Veterans 1. Damian Smith, 2. Kirk Hutton, 3. Adam Riemann
Masters 1 Trent Lean, 2. Geoff Ballard, 3. Ian Jenner
Womens 1. Emelie Karlsson, 2. Jessica Gardiner, 3. Jemma Wilson

The progressive have Daniel Milner in the outright lead after day two. The top 10 is as follows:

1 Daniel Milner 00:59:57.097

2 Matthew Phillips 01:01:00.117

3 Chris Hollis 01:01:36.501

4 Glenn Kearney 01:01:58.185

5 Josh Green 01:02:00.905

6 Stefan Merriman 01:02:50.901

7 Tom McCormack 01:02:50.962

8 Peter Boyle 01:03:08.349

9 Lachlan Stanford 01:03:13.056

10 Ben Grabham 01:03:27.966

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