Indoor Mx

The excitement is continuing to build around the Sydney Indoor MotoX Park, as the manufacturing of the facility clicks into top gear. Together with US-based company, Arizon Building Systems, Sydney Indoor Moto X Park will bring the first Air-Supported Structure in Sydney, Australia.
Owner/Operator Matt Bartolo and Business Manager Paul Willingham represented the Sydney Indoor MotoX park team last week and took the project a step closer by travelling to St Louis, Missouri USA, to inspect the Arizon manufacturing facility. Arizon has started to build the unique structure, soon to feature in the Western Sydney landscape at Eastern Creek.
The partnership with Arizon Building Systems will provide SIMX the opportunity to open an indoor motorsports facility within a state-of-the-art, year-round, air-supported building. Work on the design, fabrication and installation of the dome structure has progressed throughout the last year. Following an explorative visit to an existing 15-year-old dome, Matt Bartoloof the Sydney Indoor MotoX park team affirms “we are confident that we have partnered with the right company” to take the current project to “a new level of possibilities”
The 11,500 square metre dome will house two distinct tracks as well as zones for special events with stadium seating and will connect to a front of house structure which will include a coffee shop, merchandise store, and viewing areas into the dome.
“Arizon Building Systems is excited to partner with the team at Sydney Indoor MotoX Park on this project and bring the first facility of its kind to riders throughout New South Wales,” says Matt Polizzi, Director of International Sales for Arizon Companies. “We believe this facility will offer riders an enjoyable indoor space that creates a comfortable riding environment 365 days a year.”
The trip coincided with the opportunity to meet Australia’s multi-time supercross and motocross champion Chad Reed, competing at the AMA Supercross event at ‘The Dome, America’s Centre’ St Louis. “We had the opportunity to spend quality time discussing all things Australian with Chad [Reed], including the upcoming park opening, which he is fully supportive of” exclaims Paul Willingham.
Sydney Indoor MotoX Park is gearing up for their dome grand opening in later in 2018, that will be co-located with Eastern Creek International Karting, who are celebrating their 20th year of operations.