The reasons we love and would buy the 2019 Husqvarna two-stroke MX machines.


When a sandy track is presented to you, a two-stroke is pretty high on the list of bikes you’d chose. The high revving nature of the beasts make for some serious fun. We spent the afternoon bouncing off sand berms and feeding gears to the 2019 Husqvarna TC125 and TC250 to find out exactly why we love these beasts so much.


Both of these bikes have been continually developed.

Husqvarna have not stood still when it comes to two-stroke development. These bikes are being updated at the similar rate to their four-stroke family members. They share the same body work and chassis design and fundamentals as the four-strokes and feature the WP-USD AER 48 forks and WP shock.


The 2019 TC125 is a torquey little beast.
125cc bikes and torque don’t usually go together, but hell, the TC125 feels like a race-built 125 straight out of the crate. Sure, it still needs to be revved, it’s a bloody 125. But the usuable nature of the engine means that the bottom-end is utilised and makes life easier for a range of riders to get the most out of a 125. A junior stepping up to 125 will appreciate the broader power curve of this engine, while a heavy experienced rider will enjoy an increase in HP to get the bike moving out of turns.



The fun factor.
Ok, this probably should be reason number one, but it kind of goes without saying. Both of these bikes are so, so much fun. You simply can’t go wrong with either of these bikes on a prepped track. With all two-strokes, you need to have some pretty good throttle control when the hardpack comes out, but it’s worth it for the excitement and joy factor 99% of the time.


The Husqvarna two-stroke range offers great value for money.

These two-strokes are fitted with the best of the best. Oversized handlebars, gripper seat cover, quality tyres, hydraulic clutch, ODI lock-on grips, inner plastic graphics – the list goes on. When you buy a TC125 or TC250 you are pretty much ready to race, some suspension fine-tuning and race numbers and you are good to go.


For 2019 the Husqvarna TC250 has received a lower seat height and it handles great.

A 250cc two-stroke is a lot of bike to race and hang onto, so suspension is paramount to a comfortable ride. The WP suspension handles great on the 250cc two-stroke, the lower seat height for 2019 keeps the bike planted and driving out of the turns keeping the bike driving out of turns.



The 2019 TC250 engine is nice and easy to ride.

For a 250cc two-stroke the Husqvarna is an easy bike to ride. Like the 125, the engine has quite a lot of usuable power. The engine is designed with mass-centralisation at the forefront and the oscillating mass is low and centred keeping the bike agile and balanced whilst combining with the innovative power valve system to offer an easy to ride power curve. 



Husqvarna have the full package when it comes to competition two-strokes. 50cc, 65cc 85cc 125cc and 250cc, a rider can race their whole career on a Husqvarna two-stroke and the stepping stone for junior riders is an excellent opportunity for the kids to stay brand aligned right through their time racing.



To race on a budget, the Husqvarna TC125 and TC250 are a great option, with regular services and top-ends that can be done at home. This saves on heading to your dealer to pay for more upgrades and services. Racing with a two-stroke is simple and cost effective.

The 2019 Husqvarna TC 125 and TC250 are great machines to ride. Brembo brakes, WP Suspension, updated body work and graphics, oversized handlebars, hydraulic clutch – the list goes on. When you are shopping for a two-stroke, check out the 2019 Husqvarna TC125 and TC250. You won’t be disappointed.