A very close look at Ben Grabham’s 2010 Australian Safari winning KTM

Ben Grabham's 2010 Safari winning 530EXC

On a visit to KTM‘s Aussie HQ in Perth (WA), we spotted this beauty sitting quietly and couldn’t resist taking some photos of what is a real work of art. We even got world boxing champion Danny Green in on the shoot for a bit of fun.

Grabbo beat Todd Smith to take the 2010 win on this 530 EXC. It was a tight battle at times but the two of them pretty much left the rest of the field behind. Grabbo will be making a return to Finke in 2013 and no doubt KTM will be wheeling out another sweet ride for the legend to do what he does best and twist it till the finish line.

Damien Ashenhurst
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