Shane Booth

Motorcycling Australia have announced that non-competitive activity is set to resume this weekend. The full release is below.

In consultation with all state controlling bodies (SCB) and the expected winding back of state government restrictions surrounding sport and mass gatherings in the coming weeks, Motorcycle Australia (MA) can confirm that recreational and non-competitive activity is set to resume on a state-by-state basis commencing this weekend May 9, 2020.

MA and the state controlling bodies have been working together in consultation with sporting and health authorities as well as with the federation’s chief medical officer, to develop plans to resume activity.

Activity will resume on a state-by-state basis, in line with state government policy. All recreational and non-competitive activity will be conducted in accordance to social distancing restrictions and with additional hygiene requirements. Further information on the resumption of activities in your state will be made available to you via your state controlling body over the coming weeks.

In light of the pandemic and the impact that it has had on members, MA would like to take this opportunity to confirm that all active annual MA licence holders affected by the COVID-19 pandemic will receive an extension on their current annual license. The period of this extension will be confirmed when all states are able to recommence riding.

Like all members, MA and the state controlling bodies are keen for motorcycle riding to resume. As a community there will need to be an understanding and acceptance that it will not be sport as usual prior to the pandemic. Certain restrictions and measures will likely remain for some time and all members are encouraged to follow government guidelines and practice good personal hygiene.