Gear Review: SHOEI VFX-W

Gear Review: SHOEI VFX-W


After more than 12 months of testing, the Shoei VFX-W is still kicking goals. I have done plenty of racing, riding and trail riding in the Shoei and have pretty much no complaints. Actually, I have absolutely no complaints. You get what you pay for with a Shoei and the quality the brand represents is apparent in the VFX-W and the way it’s stood up to the use it’s had so far.

One particular part of a helmet that I find cops a flogging earliest is the paintwork. A rocky track or tree branches will chip the paintwork easily and you’ll end up with chips all around the front of the helmet from roost or the tops of trees. However, the Shoei is still looking brand new. Not in this photo, of course — this is straight off the track after Leeton Amcross. A quick wash and the odd — very odd — polish and she looks brand new each and every time. The liner is easily removed and I’ve washed it a dozen or so times but it’s showing no signs of wear or fatigue.

The helmet is still as comfortable as the day I got it and hasn’t become loose or uncomfortable at all. I like everything about it. — Matt Bernard

Price: $799.95