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JT Racing was one of my all-time favourite brands when I was a young muppet. On the return of JT in 2010 I was a bit sceptical as the brand had done its thing and died as most brands must. Would it be just a knock-off with an image bought for marketing? Was there any point in caring given we have so many good brands on the market as it is?

Fears may seem unfounded when you read the comments by the company’s new directors who have total respect for what the brand meant and where it went in design. The new JT Racing isn’t a rekindling of an old idea or banking on someone else’s efforts; it’s good stuff and deserves a place on the shelf next to the current-day behemoths.

I’ve ridden a fair bit now in the Evolve Protek Fader gear and I can say it’s good stuff. There’s nothing radical going on here in the design of the gear itself but the sublimated print (doesn’t fade) and quality cut in the cuffs, neckline (no annoying tag — thank you, JT!) and pant bottoms are just a few things that lesser-quality gear can miss. The excellent rubber backing on the jersey’s drop tail will keep you tucked in all ride, the sleaves don’t bunch and the only fit issue I found was that it was a little tighter than some around the shoulders.

The pants are a great fit and really comfortable over a long ride. The construction here is a bit more involved than in the jersey and things like the Kevlar-backed leather knee inserts are a sign that someone in the design department rides a dirtbike.

The JT Racing Protek fader gear is on my go-to list when I’m looking to head out on a ride. I like the build and I like the design. The gear comes in four finishes (the blue is definitely my favourite), so jump on JT’s website and download the PDF catalogue to check out the other options. Welcome back, JT Racing. — Damien Ashenhurst

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