Brad Polsoni Undefeated in KTM Amateur Cup

Brad Polsoni Undefeated in KTM Amateur Cup
Brad Polsoni Undefeated in KTM Amateur Cup

Over 40 riders lined up at Broadford in wet and muddy conditions.

By Hayden Gregory
Brad Polsoni Undefeated in KTM Amateur Cup
Brad Polsoni Undefeated in KTM Amateur Cup

Lining up on the same card as the Motul MX Nationals the KTM Amateur Cup riders were treated to two gruelling races.

The first started with absolute mayhem as riders came down all over the track. Holeshot winner Polsoni was able to avoid the carnage behind him going on to lead the moto start to finish in a very impressive display. Kerrod Morrisy and Joshua Melis would secure the remaining podium positions.

In race two, Morrisy got the best start claiming the holeshot on his way to the race lead. With the ruts starting to come out Polsoni showed his skills off once again as he moved up alongside Morrisy before passing to the front.

Polsoni remain unchallenged taking his second victory of the day to remain undefeated in the Amateur Cup. Melis was able to move past Morrisy for second place with all three riders taking the two podiums on offer.

As a 16, 17, year old I raced in the MXD class and just had a bit of bad luck last year. Now working 40-hour weeks, it’s a bit tough to do the ten rounds so the guys at KTM Australia and the rest of my team are helping me out to get to the three rounds of the Amateur Cup, so it’s a perfect series,” Polsoni said.

“It a great opportunity for us (myself and the team), and to go undefeated is a great result for the weekend. It puts a smile on your face knowing that with little training, and on such a tough track we can walk away with the win.

“Seeing those guys in the MX1 class, they are world class riders and they are struggling in sections of the track, so it’s nice feeling to win. I can’t give the guys a TLR suspension enough thanks, they had the bike handling really well which made it that much easier,” he concluded.

KTM Australian Amateur Cup Overall Results and Championship Standings

1) Brad Polsoni 70 points
2) Joshua Melis 62 points
3) Kerrod Morrisy 62 points
4) Dean De Fazio 56 points
5) Connor Cook 51 points
6) Joel Newton 48 points
7) Mitch Drummond 48 points
8) Justin Hall 45 points
9) Bailey Williams 42 points
10) Steven Bowen 41 points

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