Aus_E Racing Takes On The 2024 FIM E-Xplorer World Championship

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Jess Gardiner and Jack Field

Aus-E Racing Prepares to Blaze a Trail in the 2024 FIM E-Xplorer World Championship

In an exciting collaboration, Flair Riders, renowned for their captivating motorcycle stunt shows across Australia, have joined forces with EBMX, a prominent leader in electric motorcycle performance parts and development. Together, they are poised to proudly represent Australia under the banner – Aus-E Racing in the upcoming 2024 FIM E-Xplorer World Championship. This innovative championship not only showcases advanced technology and environmental sustainability but also emphasises gender equality, offering an engaging mix of adventure and high-energy excitement for a diverse global audience.

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Team Aus-E Racing ready to roll

The Aus-E Racing team features two accomplished riders needing no introduction to the world of motorcycling– Jess Gardiner and Jack Field. Jess Gardiner, the current vice-champion of the World Enduro scene and 15-time Australian Enduro Champion, has an impressive track record, including individual gold in two International 6-Day Enduro events and 6 consecutive victories as part of the Aussie Women’s ISDE team. Jess expresses her excitement: “It’s an incredible opportunity to represent my country in this whole new world of electric racing. Having had the time to test the bikes, I’m feeling confident. Being teammates with Jack will be fun; we’re good mates, and I love that he’s as competitive as me while always offering support. We are ready to give it our all in the green and gold.”

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An exciting new venture for Jess and Jack

Jack Field, a World Freestyle Trials Champion and the founder of Flair Action Sports (Flair Riders) brings a unique blend of showmanship and competitiveness to the team. Having competed in both Hard Enduro and Endurocross in Australia, America and globally with X-Games he has also doubled as a stunt rider for Vin Diesel and battled his motorcycle against the likes of Dwayne “the Rock’ Johnston, Dave Bautista and Hugh Jackman. Jack states “This year is shaping up to be incredible, the EBMX bike feels great, I’m excited for our new team and what’s even better is that I get to do this with my family.”

Rhianna Buchanan, Jack Field’s wife, steps into a management role within the team after an injury sidelined her last year. “Electric is the way to combine the sport we love with the ability to access places that would otherwise be off-limits, from major city centres to the ski Alps. It’s truly pioneering, the next generation, and we are looking for companies to support us in our endeavour to keep Australia in the spotlight of this new era in racing.”

Motorcycling Australia were quick to back Aus-E Racing and offer support. Peter Doyle, CEO, of Motorcycling Australia: “Motorcycling Australia fully supports the all-new E-Xplorer FIM World Cup, and to have an Aussie team competing this year creates an extra layer of anticipation. The all-terrain series is not only going to be a test bed for electric motorcycle technology in the toughest forum of all – competition – but it’s going to reach a whole new level of devotees thanks to the unique formula and some wonderful, accessible locations. All the best to the Aus-E Racing team on this exciting venture.”

Todd Waters, an international force in both MX and Enduro, has also joined the cause through his racing apparel company T-Dub, creating custom gear for Aus-E Racing to debut.

The FIM E-Xplorer Championship promises eight rounds of exhilarating racing across five countries in 2024. The unique race format emphasises equality, with each team consisting of one female and one male rider, equally contributing to their team points and ranking. The competition then intensifies with head-to-head knock-out relay racing to determine the overall team position in the round and championship. With the season opener set for February 17 in Osaka, Japan, Aus-E Racing is geared up for an electrifying journey, continuing the battle in Norway, France, Switzerland, and India.

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