ALL-NEW 2024 YZ250F

Yamaha Yz250f My24 41
Yamaha YZ250F My24

Lighter, Slimmer, Faster! 

The all-new 2024 YZ250F is lighter, has sharper handling, more power, and features an all-new frame, more compact body and improved smartphone tuneability. The new generation YZ250F is ready to continue to be the bike of choice for its class. Underneath its sharp, aggressive new YZ styling lies the most refined, balanced and competition-ready motorcycle in its class.

Yamaha Yz250f My24
Yamaha Yz250F My24

A lighter, more compact chassis offers improved handling feel and more comfortable riding position, a revised intake path boosts mid-to high-rpm performance, and an advanced new Power Tuner App is simpler to use and more intuitive than ever.

A completely redesigned aluminium bilateral beam frame provides just the right amount of strength and flex for the perfect balance of stability and cornering performance. The result is a better handling machine with lighter feel, more agility and increased traction allowing the rider to enter corners with greater confidence and more line choices. 

Yamaha Yz250F My24
Yamaha Yz250F My24

MY24 YZ250F features include: Advanced 250cc four-stroke engine Featuring a high-spec piston, aggressive cam profiles and forward positioned intake cylinder head layout, the YZ250F’s advanced fourstroke engine is known for its broad, useable powerband and class-leading low-end and midrange torque. New for 2024, a more efficient intake path and revised ECU settings results in even more mid- to high-end power and a redesigned camchain improves durability.

New Yamaha Power Tuner app like having factory team support in your pocket. Yamaha’s groundbreaking Power Tuner App is revised to be even more user-friendly. New features include an intuitive Simple Tuning slide bar for engine mapping, Traction and Launch Control tuning, lap timer, along with helpful engine and suspension tuning guides. 

Yamaha Yz250f My24 8
Yamaha YZ250F My24

The all-new Traction Control System communicates wheel slip to the ECU, tuning the engine to maintain ideal rear wheel traction. Three levels can be selected: HIGH, LOW or OFF. The updated Launch Control System now features an rpm limiter, which can be adjusted in 500 rpm increments between 6,000 rpm and 14,000 rpm for optimised launches when the gate drops. Both systems are controlled through the Yamaha Power Tuner App. 

Yamaha Yz250f My24 6
Yamaha YZ250F My24

Slimmer body and improved ergos

The new 2024 YZ250F has a slimmer, flatter body design for improved control, including a more narrow fuel tank, lower airbox and more narrow radiator shrouds. The rider triangle is also improved with increased legroom between the seat and footpegs for greater rider comfort.

Yamaha Yz250f My24 3
Yamaha YZ250F My24

Revised suspension settings

Class leading, fully adjustable KYB® coil springtype fork with speed-sensitive damping delivers exceptional balance between handling and bump absorption for championship-winning performance. New for 2024, the fork now includes hand-adjustable knob for tool-less compression adjustment. Linkage-type rear suspension features a KYB® shock with revised settings to provide less pitch on corner entry/exit for improved stability. 

High performance braking system: A large 270mm front brake disc and 240mm rear are coupled with a Nissin calipers to provide exceptional stopping power and control. Adjustable engine maps New handlebar-mounted switch allows on-thefly selection between two preloaded engine maps with the push of a button, making it easy to make immediate adjustments to changing track or weather conditions. Maps are loaded and configured within the Power Tuner App. Strong, lightweight wheels Careful computer-aided refinement of each wheel’s cross-sectional profile shaves valuable weight without sacrificing durability. Unique three-cross-spoke pattern on the rear wheel improves impact absorption and overall feel.

Yamaha Yz250f My24 9
Yamaha YZ250F My24

New air intake design 

Optimised intake path draws air from under the side covers and seat allowing for a lighter, slimmer and more compact body. This redesign allows radiator shrouds to be slimmer and the airbox cover to be lower and more narrow. The more efficient intake path also boosts mid- to high-rpm engine performance.

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