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We get some much needed coaching from one of the fastest pros on the planet


I recently attended a day of coaching with Josh Green through the Active8 Yamaha rider’s Offroad Advantage and got reminder on just how easy it is to forget the basics.

Held at Josh’s amazing base in Stroud (NSW), the day catered for all ages and degrees of experience with Josh’s team mate Michael Driscoll on hand to help with demonstrations and coaching. The vibe is relaxed but with a degree of seriousness and a well thought through method. Josh concentrates on improving the base skills that make up everything thereafter and he does it through instruction, demonstration and a series of drills. Some of the stuff Josh has the crew doing seem odd at first with stoppies, riding with your front wheel locked up and then riding in circles with the steering on full-lock, but he soon brings it all together so it makes sense on the track.

I haven’t been coached since I was a kid and I was amazed how much of the basics I’d forgotten or let go of. I’d been riding pretty bad lately and I knew I needed to lift my game but I’d never have been able to do that alone and the Offroad Advantage day gave me not only a skills and motivation boost, but a heap of things I can take and work on in my own time.

Josh caters for all skill levels and what you soon come to find is that he hadn’t gotten to where he is without thinking deeply about riding and optimising technique. There are no secrets either – he’s there to pass on as much of his knowledge as possible and believe me he can handle dumb questions because I asked plenty.

For more info on the Offroad Advantage go to or visit the Facebook account of the same name.  It doesn’t matter how old you are, how fast you are or how experienced you are, a day of coaching is the fastest and best way to improve skills and make you a safer rider. Another thing that surprised me is that it was actually a pretty fun day with plenty of laughs as well as a heap of riding so you know you’ve put a day in by the end.

I can’t recommend Offroad Advantage more highly. Get in touch, get involved and get better on the bike.

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What you learn from Josh is from the experience of a current top ranked pro rider
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