Heading for a long weekend riding and camping trip? Here’s 20-tips for your weekend in the bush!

1 Take garbage bags and leave with what you brought.

2 In the absence of shower facilities – or a creek – use baby wipes so ya don’t stink

3 Chain your bikes at night. Bastards are everywhere

4 Don’t ride like drunk monkeys through areas non-riders are relaxing

5 Take firewood with you so you don’t rely on the scraps around campsite

6 Pack up your BBQ straight after you use it or you’ll have an ant infestation in the morning. Those big buggers that want to punch-on.

7 Take surface spray to keep leaches away from you and your boots

8 On a two day ride take a spare pair of gloves at least. Feels good to throw on freshies on day two

9 Take a backpack or fender bag etc to store your wallet and keys in so they’re not left at the campsite when nobody is around

10 Get a rechargeable Bluetooth speaker to get some tunes going during the night. No Nickelback

11 Solar chargers or power cells are a good way to keep phone batteries charged and not too expensive these days

12 Don’t forget the ice. Someone always forgets the ice.

13 Pack tools and spare tubes but split up who carries what so the same poor bastard doesn’t carry everything for everyone. We all have that mate – he deserves a break

14 Take a clean rag for cleaning goggles on the trails

15 For the love of Pete don’t forget fuel, but premixers must be responsible for their own

16 Don’t forget sunscreen – you get burnt even while you’re riding unless you are faster than light speed

17 Take some rope so you can hang your gear out after a ride and lose some of the moist stink

18 Don’t forget a torch or headlamp. Farting around with your iPhone torch sucks

19 Pack toilet paper…its worth 74 times its weight in gold when you need it most

20 Clean the campsite at the end. Do right by the bush and it might make the next tree you slam little bit softer