Live Streaming

Live streaming of race events has bought a whole new element to watching and keeping up with racing, not just here in Australia but around the world. For diehard moto fans, the world is now their oyster when it comes to seeing the best riders around the world go at it, be it watching live stream or on delay at their convince. For a number of years now with a decent internet connection you’ve been able to pay to watch each and every round of the World Motocross Championship via including the MXoN. From the US we’ve been able to watch live practice and qualifying from every round of Supercross. The American Motocross Championship also now has a live streaming package though in Australia we’re unable to access it due to local pay-TV rights. Our own MX Nationals championships has also been streamed live over the past few years and after some issues in the early days has become a reliable service. While being able to directly stream racing to your laptop, smartphone or smart TV is great for us moto diehards, is it all good news or is there a downside we’re overlooking?

The ability to watch racing live from anywhere in the world.
Instant access to results and the latest happenings in the moto racing world.
No more waiting to watch races on delay on pay TV or moto races being pushed off screen for other sports on pay TV.
No more living in hope that we may see racing on free-to-air TV; we can see it online whenever we want.
No need to pay for a full pay-TV package; instead just pay for the moto series you want to watch.
The ability to watch either live or on delay.
Cheaper to produce and air for promoters than having it screened on television.

What’s the point of a live stream of local racing if most people are out riding on a Sunday afternoon?
The international races cost too much to watch.
People will stay at home and watch racing instead of getting out to watch it live.Y
You need a good high-speed internet connection to watch the racing.
Due to live streaming there’s less racing on pay and free-to-air TV.
Without moto racing being aired on pay TV or free-to-air the only people to be exposed to the sport are those already interested in it — no new fans are targeted.