Rmx450z Tips

The Suzuki RMX450Z came onto the scene with fury in 2010. Based on the motocross model, the RM-Z450, the RMX is a racey enduro machine. You can read our review on the 2010 model here.

Here are our 10 tips for setting up your Suzuki RMX450Z.

  1. Revalve forks for better response on small trail trash. The forks on the RMX are good but harsh on stuff like rocks and tree roots at slower speeds.
  2. The RMX tank carries 6.2 litres, which isn’t enough for a good-sized ride day. IMS does a tank that takes that to 9.8 litres and that opens up a larger world.
  3. Australia’s a hot country — you don’t need to be reminded of that. We recommend fitting a thermo fan to the RMX for those gnarly days.
  4. A Yoshimura RS4 system with the Cherry Bomb is the go-to system for pulling more low-down mumbo from the already-impressive engine.
  5. Plastic bashplates are OK for light work in the short term but a good aluminium unit should be fitted.
  6. Whether you prefer solid wraparounds or the more flexible type, handguards are a must in the bush. There are a heap of choices out there, too.
  7. Replace the air filter with a Twin Air and talk to your dealer about opening the restrictive airbox so the bike can take a deep breath.
  8. The stock clutch has a pretty heavy feel but Magura has a hydraulic clutch kit that claims to lighten the pull by 30 per cent and is easy to fit. Nice.
  9. The easiest way to shave weight these days is to replace the stock battery with a lithium unit.
  10. Braided brake lines increase feel through the levers as well braking power. They also look wicked.