WR250F continues to lead the way

2020 Wr250f Dpbse Aus Act 064

Yamaha’s 2020 enduro weapon is single-minded

When Yamaha first released details of its all-new 2020 WR250F, super-fast trail riders and E1 enduro racers began salivating over the specifications of the completely revised machine, and the prospect of going even quicker.

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Six months on from its arrival, the WR250F has lived up to the hype and expectation, establishing itself as the benchmark for 250cc enduro machines. It’s now even better at what it has always been best at – carving through single-track trails like a hot knife through butter.

Priced at $13,999 incl. GST ride away, the 2020 WR250F is closer than ever to the industry leading YZ250F, providing superior handling and increased steering precision while retaining high-speed stability.


Originally launched as a 2001 model, the high-performance quarter-litre enduro racer was developed for Australian conditions by legendary ISDE competitor Geoff Ballard, alongside YMA enduro riders Steven Cotterell and Peter Payne. The current model retains its antipodean connection by continuing development under Peter Payne with assistance from former world MX rider Josh Coppins.

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Smartphone tuning

Onboard WiFi provides easy tuning for different track conditions via a smartphone. The downloadable Power Tuner app allows the rider to make fuelling and ignition timing changes instantly. The app also records ride/race log information as well as monitoring a range of data such as maintenance and system diagnosis, engine run time, and more.

Engine map switch

A bar-mounted dual engine map switch enables changes in the engine power delivery characteristics on the fly. This switch allows the rider to select one of two engine maps at the press of a handlebar-mounted button to cater for changes in the riding environment.

High-performance YZ250F-based engine

The engine is based closely on the winning fuel-injected YZ250F design, featuring a rearward-inclined cylinder and reverse cylinder head. Enduro specific settings provide a high level of winning performance, further boosted by the fitment of a dual-electrode spark plug and revised exhaust muffler. The airbox is situated in front of the rider and the fuel tank located at the centre of the bike – a unique configuration that contributes to the bike’s mass centralisation.

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Six-speed box and lighter, tougher clutch

The six-speed transmission is designed to handle a wide variety of terrain, from technical rock climbs to full-throttle blasting along forest tracks. A new lighter and tougher clutch can handle the extreme demands of enduro riding.

Sharp handling YZ250F bilateral beam frame

WR250F now runs the same bilateral beam frame as the sharp handling current model YZ250F. To achieve a rigidity balance with the amount of flex needed for enduro riding, the engine mount brackets have been altered. Industry-leading front and rear suspension Fitted with the same KYB air-oil-separate closed chamber upside-down front forks as the YZ250F but with model-specific enduro settings to provide stable damping force. The rear shock absorber is also based on the YZ250F unit and features enduro modelspecific settings.

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Off-road competition kit

For the Australian market, the new WR250F is supplied fully ADR compliant and in road registerable condition. A free competition kit is supplied and can be easily fitted for closed course use. The kit includes:

• CCU for smartphone tuning capability
• Lightweight LED taillight/ and licence plate holder
• Competition larger diameter exhaust muffler outlet
• Full power / full travel throttle stopper screw kit
• YZ air filter holder guide
• Wiring connector for headlight
• Brake snake kit
• Wiring connector for rear brake light
• WRF Barkbuster handguard set

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