The YZ and YZ-F’s record in competition is nothing less than stellar and so many of the biggest names of the sport have run and won on Yamaha. Let’s take a minute to revue just some of those names from both home and abroad in no particular order.


Bob Hannah

Ricky Johnson

Doug Henry

Jeremy McGrath

Antonio Cairoli

Stefan Everts

Josh Coppins

Broc Glover

Darryl King

Doug Dubach

Craig Dack

Andrew McFarlane

Stephen Gall

Damon Bradshaw

Chad Reed

Craig Anderson

Jeff Leisk

David Vuilliman

Jessica Patterson

James Stewart

Glen Bell

Daryl Hurley

Brett Metcalfe

Micky Dymond

Kim Ashkenazi

Lee Hogan

Danny Hamm

Peter Melton

Katherine Prumm