Yamaha’s 2022 WR450F shares the same high level of technical specification as the all-new 2021 model and now comes with ISDE-winning Dunlop Geomax high traction tyres and new YZ victorYZone-inspired colour scheme.

The high performance off-road WR450F was fully reworked for MY21 with technology forged in the intense heat of MX competition last year. More power and sharper handling lifted directly form its MX cousin created an enduro bike with the flexibility to tackle tough trails and win races.

The WRF’s huge power delivery was retained but applied to the ground in a more controllable manner with additional traction at both wheels. Sporting a new aluminium bilateral beam frame, the WR450F felt lighter, was easier to turn in tight situations and featured improved stability. Progressive, smooth KYB suspension continued to absorb big impacts and the braking performance was also improved.

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Developed primarily for the Australian market, the 2022 WR450F is designed to appeal to those born to ride – from professional enduro riders to super capable trail riders. The latest model comes in the new Team Yamaha Blue colour scheme that echoes its YZ and FX cousins in the victorYZone.

The high performance reverse fed four-stroke engine is essentially the new generation YZ450F tuned with enduro settings – the mass centralised design is both light and compact resulting in one of the easiest-handling large capacity enduro machines.

Featuring a high 13:1 compression ratio, the reverse cylinder head runs a durable forged piston and aggressive cam profiles. Specific ECU settings deliver the best balance of race-winning performance with ultimate control for tight trails.

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A light and compact cylinder head is positioned close to the bike’s mid for mass centralisation that contributes enormously towards the WR450F’s dynamic handling characteristics.
The intake/exhaust valve angles and intake port design are maximised along with the combustion chamber for increased power. This high-efficiency head produces a fine balance of power with exceptional controllability.

In 2019 the WR450F became the first enduro bike with inbuilt connectivity featuring remote wireless tuning using a smartphone. The 2022 model continues to lead the field in digital technology.

By downloading the free Power Tuner app for IOS or Android devices, WR450F riders can easily adjust the fuel/air mix and ignition timing to set the bike up for different riding conditions. This feature makes the 2022 WR450F the most adaptable enduro machine – and one that can be tuned instantly on the trail, allowing riders to make the most of a wide range of surfaces and weather conditions.

In addition to its engine mapping function, the Power Tuner app can also record information and monitor a range of data, including system diagnosis, engine run time and more, making it an indispensable part of every rider’s toolkit.

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The 2022 WR450F features a handlebar-mounted mapping switch (blue button) that enables the rider to select one of two power maps on the fly. This simple adjustment allows instant engine delivery changes to suit variable terrain or weather conditions. For example, from an aggressive map for fast dry conditions to a high traction map for slippery hillclimbs.

The 450 engine is equipped with a compact and lightweight electric starter that gives push-button convenience for hassle-free starts – especially useful on the side of a hill.

The compact engine is equipped with a highly advanced Mikuni fuel injection system that features a light and ultra-compact 44mm throttle body. Delivering the fuel/air mix via a long and straight forward facing inlet, this advanced fuel injection system benefits from a high pressure electric pump that ensures optimum atomisation for excellent running performance in a wide range of riding conditions.

To ensure that the powerful engine runs efficiently in all conditions, Yamaha’s engineers have developed radiators that are angled to directly face the incoming air. By maintaining a consistent airflow, this angled radiator layout delivers effective engine cooling for winning performance. A thermo fan cuts in to keep the fluid cool when the going gets tough.

The WR450F’s robust 5-speed transmission is built to handle even the most aggressive left foot. The specially-developed gears feature a large surface area that spread the load. Ratios are ideal for off-road riding with lower gearing from first to third gear and taller-geared fifth compared to the YZ450F.

A key feature of the WR450F is its mass centralised design, in which major components are located as close to the bike’s centre of gravity as possible. One example of this is the wraparound exhaust that snakes around the cylinder – this design also enables the fitment of a muffler that is mounted close to the bike’s centre.

Front brake performance is the same as YZ450F allowing riders to stop quickly while offering high levels of modulation. New tryes have been specified that offer high levels of traction in a wide variety of conditions. The Dunlop Geomax EN91s are FIM-approved versions of the tyre specified on Yamaha’s MX range.

A slim and compact multifunction features an odometer, two tripmeters, a clock, timer/stopwatch and a new and very useful fuel consumption indicator. Integral low fuel and engine warning lights also feature. Straight from the YZ450F MX bike, the WRF’s footpegs are both grippy and lightweight.

Like the WR250F, the 2022 WR450F comes fully ADR compliant with an Off Road kit that can be fitted for closed course competition.

Both models are fitted with full power, tuneable ECUs – unlike models in some other markets such as US. Press the blue button for more traction… or upload your own maps to suit your riding preference.

The base settings of both bikes – otherwise known as the all zero setting – is ideal for a wide variety of riders in local riding conditions. However, if your readers ask about power maps for the 2022 WR450F why not advise these maps that were developed in conjunction with ADB magazine test riders in Australia…

Fav Map 640x512

Please note that due to model updates, these maps may not be retro-fitted to 2020 or earlier model WR450Fs. The aggressive power map (left) is designed for wide open fast twin tracks or grasstrack and the favourite map (right) has been developed for tight, technical terrain. Once loaded, either map can be selected on-the-fly using the blue power map button on the handlebar.

YMA will create local maps for the new WR250F when production models arrive and communicate those maps to customers.