Toby Price Finke

Australian motorcycling legend and two-time Dakar Rally Champion Toby Price will sit out the bike category of the 2019 Finke Desert Race, instead focusing on the truck category of the gruelling race.

The historic Finke Desert Race is the fastest and largest desert race in Australia, with the multi-terrain two-day trek from Alice Springs to Finke and back covering 480 kilometres of desert.

Price has previously finished 2nd in the Truck Category of the Race in 2016 but has also finished with two DNF results since then and as a result, is now set on conquering the Truck Category.

The six-time Finke Bike Champion will sit out of the 2-wheel category this year, deciding to play it safe and focus on protecting his wrist following Surgery where a part of his hip was grafted into his scaphoid to repair the damage from an injury aggravated during his winning ride at this year’s Dakar Rally.
“Racing only the truck is the safer option to know that I’ll be ready for Dakar 2020, after the injury I’d like to focus on one category and the one I haven’t won yet. Bummed I’m missing out on the bike but I’ve got to look to the future and be smart about my injury at the moment. Maybe in 2020 we will do the bike again and see if I can get 7! The double is not out of sight, it’s something I know I want to do and I want to achieve in future.”

Price will now prepare for the Truck Category of the Finke Desert Race, to be held on 7-10 June, 2019.