Honda introduces an all-new model into the trail world.

We love seeing new models hit the market, it’s seen as a little a tip of the cap to the buyers – “We see what you need, here, try this…” Honda has done exactly that with the all-new Honda CRF250F. A new model in the line-up, filling the position of the 250cc trailbike in their extensive range of trail and fun bikes. Is it the XR250R of the future? Well, not really. But it does have merit as a trail bike and even more so, a bike to introduce new members into the world of off-road motorcycle riding.



Having a geez over the 2019 Honda CRF250F, you are treated to a neat looking CRF-style trailbike. Featuring fuel injection, 41mm forks, a tubular steel frame and hydraulic disc brakes. The SOHC engine is designed to be easy to ride, smooth and liner power delivery, it’s not a race bike and the power should reflect that. The electric start is also a nice touch. The seat height sits at 883mm, designed for a rider of shorter stature or a lady who would like to get both feet onto the ground when on the trails. The 6l fuel tank features an integrated low-fuel sensor which triggers the handlebar-mounted indicator to notify the rider to start heading to a servo or risk walking.

It really didn’t feel like a big bike, it was easy to move around Which certainly added to my confidence when I first started riding the trails.”


At 90kg and almost 6ft, the Honda CRF250F is not the bike for me, so a test in my opinion is a waste of everyone’s time. My wife however, is small and loves riding, however it’s been quite a few years since she has smashed a berm on the 250F taking up space in our garage. We threw her the reigns for the test to see what a person who this bike is built for, thought of the Honda.
“I started the day on the Honda CRF125L and once I was confident on it, I jumped onto the 250F. The first thing I noticed was despite its extra size over the 125, it was quite easy to touch the ground. It really didn’t feel like a big bike, it was easy to move around Which certainly added to my confidence when I first started riding the trails.” “The power was super easy to use, the engine is responsive thanks to the EFI, but really manageable. Not having a kickstart was great, the electric start makes life easy also.”

After spending some time cruising around the trails, I felt it was time for Treen to see how far this bike would help increase her confidence, I’m not a bad husband, it’s all in the name of editorial integrity.

“I got fairly confident, after some persuasion from Matt, I was actually hopping over a log on the CRF. The bike did it easy. I think that’s the most important thing I took away from the test. Despite it being a very trail orientated bike, it’s a real confidence inspiring machine. The perfect way for someone to step into the sport and build their skills without being intimidated by the bike.”



So, what is this bike? First, it’s a good one. It’s met its design brief bloody well in our opinion. It’s easy to ride, low maintenance, the EFI makes it a simple bike to leave in the shed and ride on the occasional weekend and it’s modern looking to appeal to a broad range of customers. As our tester Treen said, it’s a great bike to build confidence on, you can start as a complete learner and advance your skills in the world of trail riding. More people riding is a good thing in our book.