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Hydration is extremely important when you go trailriding in Summer. The day and night before you hit the trails, keep your hydration levels high. Starting the day pre-hydrated will ensure you start the day with correct fluid levels, a healthy mind and your body will be ready to put through the stress of riding in extreme temperatures. Wear a hydration pack when you ride, if you have the ability to, freeze part of or refrigerate your bladder the night before. It will keep your fluid cooler for longer. Try a watered down electrolyte replacement drink, something like Endura, or Powerade. I find that a full-strength mixture is a bit much in a 3-litre hydration pack, a 50-50 mixture is easier to stomach when riding.

Keep cool
Wear a set of vented riding gear if you can. It will make a big difference in keeping the body temperature down and your comfort levels high, especially if you need to push your bike up a snotty hill.

Carry food
Your body is burning fuel when riding in hot conditions. An Endura gel or some muesli bars will fit easily in your hydration pack,  Endura Gels also reduce cramps as you burn through the fluid in your body.

Get out early
Be on the bike nice and early. The hottest part of the day is not an ideal time to be dragging a bike up and down a gnarly hill. If you can, jump on the bike nice and early or later in the day to avoid that nasty mid-day sun.

Take your time
It’s important to not over do it. It’s not a summer race series, we are trailriding here! Take your time, stop plenty, drink plenty and check on your mates. You’ll have way more fun this way, nobody wants to drive home after using 99% of your body’s energy, it’s dangerous both on the trail and when driving home.