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The market is littered with pit shades these days and it’s hard to decipher between the good and the cheap and nasty. We were searching for something that was high quality and custom branded. We headed straight to the top, when you think pit shade, you think Quickshade. After a quick look on their site, I was alerted to their new Quickshelter shade. The team at Quickshade made it clear that this was their sharper priced version sourced and imported. If you want the best of the best, grab their Australian-made Quickshade, but for us, we were after something that will stand up to rigours thrown at it while sticking to a budget. We opted for the Quickshelter and had it completely custom printed by the team. It was a quick, easy and simple process to get the shade printed and before long it landed at our doorstep. The first thing I noticed with the Quickshelter is the bag, thank you team – this bag is perfect. Not stupidly tight and difficult to fit the frame in, has good wheels, solid zippers and quality handles to carry around. The frame is super sturdy and even when brand new, it is easy to erect with relative ease.

Img 7226

The 500D UPVC Coated Polyester roof is quite thick and although our shade has only had a few months use, looking like the day we got it out of the bag. Clipping the poles into place can be a risky manoeuvre with some of the budget shades on the market, this isn’t the case with the quickshelter, it clips easily into place without any pesky skin pinching happening – personally I am a fan of the press lever height adjustment also. The quickshelter is available in Economy and Economy Plus, the difference is in the frame strength and weight. We opted for Economy. Although it’s early days, this Quickshelter is ticking all the boxes.