It’s official, we now have our very own 2019 Yamaha WR450F here at Dirt Action and we’re loving every minute of it! Taking delivery of the all-new enduro weapon from Yamaha Motor Australia HQ right before Christmas, the timing really couldn’t have been any better.

Following the official media launch in early December 2018 at Stroud in New South Wales, we were eager to jump back on the WR450F for multiple reasons. Obviously it’s a super fun bike to ride, but I really wanted to spend more time on the bike to dial it in further and fine-tune everything as much as I could.

So where are we at currently with the 2019 WR450F? It remains in stock trim at this stage, but that’s really no big deal as it’s such a strong package in stock form. I’ve focused on enjoying the bike and riding it in as many different conditions as possible before making any changes.

19wr450f 4900

I have been enjoying the powerful engine package and the ‘Blue Button’ feature thoroughly on the trails and out on track. Switching between the more mellow map in the tight trails and then switching back to the regular mode for big sandy berms really has been a tonne of fun.

I’ve also found myself in multiple situations where the grunt of the engine has saved me from a possible crash. The ability to loft the front wheel at the last-minute, even in a taller gear, has proved very handy. If you’re chasing an enduro bike that really gets moving, you’ll definitely be happy with the 2019 WR450F.

In terms of changes coming up, we’ll be featuring a suspension update from Ken Wheeler at Factory Spec in the near future. For me the bike sits slightly on the firm side, so we’ll be addressing that with Factory Spec and really fine-tuning the fork and shock to my personal preference.

In saying that though, the standard suspension package has been working really well in most cases. I’m not the heaviest guy out there and I prefer a softer setting than usual when it comes to my personal setup. I’d imagine that 99% of the general public will hop on the 2019 WR450F and never touch a clicker!

I’ll also be fitting lower handlebars soon, which is another personal preference of mine to suit my riding style. I prefer the lowest bend of bar possible to allow me to get right up over the front-end of the motorcycle. I’m looking forward to adding this suspension and controls combination, it should really top off a great package for me.

Ik 2019 Wr450f 3463

I’ve been having an absolute ball on the Dirt Action 2019 WR450F to date and it’s exciting to think that we have plenty more time to hit the trails and tracks on it this year. It has been a star in the conditions we’ve thrown at it so far and I can’t wait to explore even more terrain and locations in the coming months.

We’ll be back soon with an update on the latest modifications we’re about to make, but in the meantime be sure to keep an eye on our website and socials as we continue to release digital updates and social media snippets!