Product Spotlight Gearne Sg 10 Boots

Prior to sliding on a pair of Gearne SG-10 boots, it had been some years since I’d worn Gearne boots. But it really was like sliding on old faithful. The SG-10 is known as one of the best-value boots on the market while still retaining loads of safety features found on the SG-12. The Gaerne Razorback pivot system on display in the SG-10 offers one of the highest levels of ankle protection you’ll find in a boot. The dual-pivot system delivers strong lateral support while preventing ankle twisting and without compromising flexibility or rider comfort.

The Gearne SG-10 Boots are super comfortable, with shock-absorbing material in the footbed to ensure comfort and protection. We’re also big fans of the plastic tie end for extra protection when riding in the bush or rocky terrain.


  • Long-lasting dual compound sole
  • Adjustable aluminium buckles can be moved and accommodate almost any size calf
  • Hinged calf ankle support for excellent mobility
  • Heel upper offers a shift lip for quick shifts after the gate drop
  • Gel padded interior for maximum comfort
  • Lightweight upper combines microfibre inserts and PU protections
  • Razorback pivot system grants strong lateral support, preventing ankle twisting and without compromising flexibility
  • Closure system made of lightweight and replaceable buckles, Velcro on the top for a precise fit closure
  • The Gearne SG-10 Boots feature a wide footbed for improved comfort
  • By removing the first two buckles on the top, it is possible to make the opening wider to accommodate a bigger leg or knee-brace
  • Rubber grip guard for an exceptional grip of the bike and heat protection
  • Dual composite rubber sole